3.2 RIP Zerphi?

Guess not............ lmao @ GGG
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F*cking finally!
I can t believe they did it
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It must be retro, like the mana gain implicits.

I suggested this nerf exactly, but now I'm thinking this might not be actually enough, we should see how it interacts with getting to full life, but if its like slayer leech, it will be still op.
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seems like legacy one will stay legacy :(
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relithh wrote:
seems like legacy one will stay legacy :(

you sure ? it seems the mana overtime nerf is global from their wording
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''Divining existing versions of Zerphi's Last Breath will set it to these values. '' Legacy zerphi flasks?
''Divining existing versions of Zerphi's Last Breath will set it to these values. '' Legacy zerphi flasks?

I think this only applies to the healing % range.

The wording seems to indicate the healing itself will be different on legacy flasks as well.

If that's the case, then it's definitely a step in the right direction.

T value added to SR is nice too.

Now if someone could just submit a blight character for the hall of grandmaster we could get that garbage fixed too.
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It will still have full functionality. For myself anyway. I assume it may create a redundancy much how damage taken gained as mana operates, but regardless if it does or not...I wouldn't say it's better or worse (Mechanically, % gained aside). Just different in a dynamic sense.

Just with the added bonus of life gain without constant tempo.

However, those that bought into the misconception of needing blood magic...well, may have to expand their thinking quite a bit more. Especially if no redundancy exists.
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Nerf works! We'll see just how well though!
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