A Serious Discussion for Racing in POE

Hello all,

Among a select few, the mediocre challenge of just surviving Wraeclast isn't enough. They are.... The racers. (*please note, I suck at racing... I am just trying to solve a problem*)

My suggestion is this.

Create a permanent racing environment.

When you go to create a character, you can select what league you want to create your character in. I am suggesting to add in a permanent race league.

After selecting the race league, you can select your race event. Piety Kill, endless Ledge, Kitava kill, etc.

In the race realm it will track your time and your character will be temporary(Lasting only 'till you accomplish the event or die)

Only your top three successful attempts will show up for you, though at the end of the race it will show you your time for that race. Also, the times will need to be wiped at some regular degree, so that consistently good runs will take precedent over RNG based runs

My last suggestion is that unique items be turned off. Uniques in the very early levels are so over-powered, and many can go on to be the only gear you need. with uniques turned off, it makes RNG play a slightly lesser role and increases the amount of skill needed.

How will this help?

1) it allows for GGG to track top racers, whether or not they are well-known, and allow them to set up events which are invite only.
2) it gives people who want to break into racing an environment in which to practice and if successful a means to break into the higher-tier race content.
3)it provides an area for Community driven race events.

I am sure that there are more positives and more negatives, which is why I would like to feel the idea out with you all here in the community.
Last bumped on Aug 26, 2018, 9:57:59 AM
not too shabby idea, maybe have certain race types cycle through over a week or two. i think every race being permanently open is too much
GGG doesn't care when it comes to competitiveness (like racing) and proper balancing in regard to powercreep and legacy items

ProjectPT's words from two years ago has proven mostly right as more and more people are quitting Hardcore Temp Leagues earlier and less prone to come back - and those guys are the core players when it comes to racing and PvP

Though there's are some hope from the recent reach out from Nick to the PvP community as discussed by PT's last video, it really does look empty

Member wen 76 Crema boss was the most exhilarating fight in da gayme?
This sounds pretty dope actually.

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