Volatile Dead

I will keep this short: I prefer volatile dead to target closest enemies than randomly flying away. Even if it's targeting an enemy in an immortal state then it should be my targeting problem, not the skill.
Thank you.

EDIT: (Additional info)
Character: EggWithCare
I'm playing a tanking-type dual Poet's Pen volatile dead (Scion with Elementalist, Slayer, Vaal Pact, a lot of armor/ resist, life, AOE, debuff/ curse immunity and so on). The scenario where I often see is I'm standing right on the boss's feet, spawning the corpse and the skill, then the fireballs flying away to some rear mobs (which will eventually die when they come to me because of the AOE), leave me alone with the boss, wait until the mob spawning stop. This scenario happens very often in Incursion, where I can't kill the architect because of some tanky-nemesis mobs from afar (It's worst when the mob has corpse-eating/ proximity shield mod).
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I have been playing a build using it for a few weeks now and I'm enjoying it a lot. I would not change anything really.

With cold skill revamp what if you added a cold based volatile dead alternative? :)

Here is my VD build tell tell me what you think.


Very underrated game. Hey GGG, we should do a remake but with a Diablo/PoE style 3d iso view, Space shooter hybrid, retro/vaporwave aesthetic and music, B-move comedic tone with over the top blood and explosions but still serious story line. The skill tree is like poe's but a circuit board with technology reverse engineered from the main enemy which is bio/robotic life forms that evolve via AI. Think Terminator combined with the creature from The Thing. What do you think? Come on GGG lets do this!

As far as the gem go's, homing missiles are fun but at what price? They'll just have to balance out the game with more monsters that go nearly invisible, can't be hit or outrun. I'm guessing this is vaal phase run?

Edit: I was planning on using Storm Burst CWC Ice spear/arctic breath/spark/freeze pulse depending on the situation but VD safely clears red maps with a lvl16 gem. Magma orb is the boss killer but the new arctic breath sounds promising. The old arctic breath is brutal if you can knockback pin things against a wall with the overlapping aoe explosion.
Berek's Grip Ice Spear
Budget Magicfind and/or Hardcore Flame Totem
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I would like to see MTX for this skill, perhaps different ball colours?
Is volatile dead scold's bridle miner a dead build with 3.8 changes?
This skill's AI as of 3.8 has been screwed with again for no reason. Balls now can't make up their minds about target acquisition and fizzle out rather than exploding after bouncing back and forth, quite frequently. Basically, it's bugged.
No fun allowed.™
This skill is damn broken on predictive network mode at >130ms latency.

Normally you can't cast VD if there is no corpse around, this is perfectly fine game mechanics.

But outside of your native realm this skill performs differently:
It consumes the mana and plays cast animation while the corpses from Desecrate have not appeared yet. Whatever issues is here, desecrated corpses sync method or corpses search algorithm - this is fucking terrible gameplay experience.
Each first VD cast after Desecrate precasting is always "miss" it's always wasted time and mana.
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Just say it's dead for pure self cast builds now.

>Now has a limit of 60 Orbs.

This cap can be hit at 2.11 seconds end game and since the orbs linger up to 4.5 seconds that's basically a straight up 60% less damage nerf end-game.

Don't forget you already destroyed the AI so a good third of the orbs aren't even going to make it to target most of the time to begin with.

Disappointing because the only reason you're probably going to give is "muh server issues" after the cap being fine for the last year and all of a sudden the AI gets dumpstered and now the orbs are heavily limited.
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limit on 60 orbs is way too low

new orb limit is way too low and causing bugs or old bugs to become more apparent.

Orbs will spawn and get stuck and not do anything so once you hit the cap you can no longer damage any enemies.

during boss fights, especially in small arena's or with few adds volatile dead damage will just plain stop, the balls appear to be exploding but the health bar is not going down sometimes for 5-10 seconds.

to clear some of the issues above I will have to go into inventory and unsocket the gem and resocket it, when that does not work I just have to swap in a different spell altogether which feels terrible.

limit needs to be at least 3-400 if there absolutely needs to be one. second please cause new orbs that would be spawned after hitting the limit to either replace the oldest orbs or cause them to instantly explode so new ones can be created.

this is the most fun skill I have found in this game please fix it.

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