Volatile Dead

So the orb limit seemed to have broken volatile dead. You get to a point usually at the end of the map where any newly spawned volatile dead just explodes instantly, not even chasing the enemy. My guess is that any volatile dead orbs that hasnt exploded and you run too far from still counts towards the limit. This is getting really annoying as i have to spend a portal to leave and return to fix it. Its especially worse when you haven't even reached the boss when the bug happens.
Volatile Dead used to be a really fun skill in Blight with Corpse Pact Poet's Pen Necromancer. The only problem was it had to be nerfed because so many Spell Cascade orbs caused performance issues from the demands of rendering orbs and pathfinding AI. With the new 60 orb limit, corpse pact Necro can't effectively fight at long range, and removing Spell Cascade is a decrease of about 90% DPS because of how much less Corpse Pact attack speed bonus is given.

Make Volatile Dead great again!

Here's my idea:

- Remove 60 Orb Limit

- Initial corpse explosions are unchanged

- Volatile Dead now consumes "up to 3 corpses" to create 1 single orb instead of 3.

- When the orb explodes, the explosion will reoccur for each corpse consumed past the first. I.E. if it consumes 1 corpse the AoE orb explosion hits once, if it consumes 3 corpses the explosion will reverberate ("shotgunning") 3 times for 3 total hits in the AoE.

This should have the net result of the same DPS, range, and on-hit synergies of pre-nerf, but only a third of the pathfinding/rendering demands. Even the helmet enchant "Volatile Dead Consumes up to 1 additional corpse" would still perform the same, as it would cause a 4th hit on the single orb explosion.

This could be a considerably easy fix to implement in order to return a fun build to viability and would benefit performance for all VD users.
So, GGG.

Are we stupid and foolish to believe that the performance issues caused by VD are ever going to be resolved?

It's the ONLY skill that causes my client to start scaling resolution, and all it takes is 10 orbs. Ridiculous.
Close down the "Feedback" section. Stop pretending you care about feedback outside of reddit.

Allies cannot die, Porcupines and a clusterf**k of on-death effects - NOBODY WANTS THAT.
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Can I get a few information about leech and volatile dead interaction. I'm using a watcher eye with "fire damage leeched as life while affected by anger" and using the anger aura ofc. I think this leech applies to my char.
But I am also using "spell damage leeched as energy shield in my tree".

As volatile dead is triggered (using poet's pen / spellslinger to create orbs with volatile dead in interaction with desecrate in myy second poet's pen), I am not sure both leechs apply.

Can you confirm life leech is applied ?
Can you confirm energy leech is not applied ? And if yes why ?
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Dear developers. please optimize this skill VOLATILE DEAD, it has a very low FPS, on a very expensive computer the FPS drops from 200 to 50 during the battle, and this does not include fog (DELIRIUM) on the maps. FPS can drop to 10 during fog

it may be worth reducing the maximum available number of balls from 60 to 40-50,increasing damage by an adequate percentage
it is possible that the FPS is also reduced by the DESECRATE spell, and the corpses to be created need to have a simplified texture
The new changes have made the animation take longer to leave the spheres, and this causes us to be more exposed to enemy damage without being able to assassinate it long enough or change positions with the flame dash, not to mention repositioning (something similar to / oos) and sometimes the flame dash happens MANY times, coming and going from the starting point to the end

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