3.3 Ruining lld ?

The new blue items from temple will be completely busted for lld ? getting a t1 roll on lvl 28 char doesnt feel right
pvp loooooooool
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It's the same as warbands items, limited to one mod, higher than ilvl 36, require rng-based crafting.
It's great. At the moment you have to have atleast 1 or 2 items with 3 t1 resistances or golden mantle in order to be ew capped on all elements or if you want to have some chaos resistance. These things make it way less annoying to gear up a char.
LLD is alrdy ruined with VD, Poet´s bullshit.
I'm thinking they didn't add the ilvl to the affix's yet when they took the screen shots... I hope...

Zalatl's is equivalent to T1 flat lightning, Rlvl 59


Tacati's is equivalent to T2 % phys Rlvl 58 (shows rlvl 57 from the base item)


The only teaser that has shown an Rlvl/Ilvl equivalent to its normally rolled conterpart is the flat life/% life Guatelitzi chest


Hopefully we can get a Dev to respond lol.

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embbu, join the unofficial pvp season
If they don't make changes to the temple mods, I'm quitting standard low level

That being said, standard low level was already is a fucking terrible state. Even without Poet's and VD it's pretty garbage. Everyone in standard pretty much one or two shots everyone else, and has near max dodge. It's pretty stupid.
This thing is max 253% IPD and after perfectly divined master craft, 278 PDPS.

VZ58 wrote:
This thing is max 253% IPD and after perfectly divined master craft, 278 PDPS.

Did you regal that yourself?
And pm run about this, I'm sure he'll be interested

Looks like GGG removed % phys from possible rolls with Tacati's % phys.

Can still roll hybrid tho

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