Vaal Arc has a strange behavior when played as a totem. Using Vaal Arc will cause your character to drop a totem that discharges Vaal Arc and become dormant. This means you have to recast it with new totem. This is extremely annoying and a loss of DPS for most multi-totem builds and it completely invalidate Vaal Arc use for Hierophant with his 4 totems.

I would suggest that Vaal Arc totem destroy itself upon discharging.
SteelJade wrote:
Arc is nice, but it lacks some Threshold jewels to go with it.

I don't see the need for a threshold jewel. It would be interesting if it had a mechanical twist (such as damage conversion or how arcs split). But generally, threshold jewels just become mandatory to use a skill and feels like bad design.
So 30% of the top players on (I think it scrapes top 10k of the ladder) are playing Arc. Every other skill has a <10% meta share. It's time to dumpster this skill.

I suggest completely removing the "more damage per remaining chain". Let them have their strong clear speed if they want. Arc should never have been a meta skill for single target.
Seem balanced. Keep as is.
seem just op; realy decent damage ,auto target , many bounces even if enemies are far avay , its realy just too many dmg or bounce or auto tracking for an ability who can obliterate the whole screen eyes closed ... and some says it lacks mono target dmg ... plz , every streamer , every man i meet is playing a sort of arc build, push one button for the win !!
Please nerf. -2 chains and 10% damage per chain
^^ ignore him.

Can ARC be setup in new 3.6 Storm Burst (channel skill) + CWC? It'd be nice to have a ball lighting style ST and arc AoE working together. Thoughts?
Speaking as a near-dedicated Arc totem player, I'd like to see the skill's clearing potential decreased a bit. The problem is that at high levels, Arc tends to hit just about everything around in one cast. I'd like to see the number of secondary chains restricted to the first X hits. (and say, X could be half the number of chains on the gem)

That'd preserve the single-target damage of the skill, reduce the ability to chain around corners and wipe out entire packs, and visually show off the chaining aspect after the first few hits. (rather than pretty much everything being electrocuted)

I love the skill, and I want to keep playing it -- but I think it's a bit too good at clearing.
There is no any human logic and sense in that suggestion.
"Please, nerf it, because it's too good!" - what?
Nerf tornado shot, blade vortex, winter orb, molten strike, whatever else too - why not?
Based on, Arc are used by only 9% of players, most popular are winter orb and molten strike (11% each)

If look at the Arc skill, then:
63% are Saboteurs - obv. trapper builds.
15% are Hierophants - totems
14% are Elementalists - pure Arc builds.

So if you wanna nerf something, then nerf traps, not Arc.
I'm Russian and I love it.
Auctioneer House - just MUST be here! Most of sellers do not reply, not even talking about AFKers and offliners!
I'm... going to assume that you didn't proofread your post very carefully, Silver.

In any case, I'd be surprised and happy if Arc isn't nerfed; I just want to note that I think its single target is fine, and if anything, its clear potential is what's potentially overpowered.

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