Vaal Power Siphon

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Last bumped on Mar 23, 2020, 10:39:16 PM
So I am using the new Barrage Support with Power Siphon and it just feels great. It keeps the auto targeting from the base Power Siphon so it works like barrage on single targets and still spreads itself out on packs.

Only thing I don't like is it does not affect how Vaal Power Siphon functions at all but still decreases the damage. Since it does not actually modify the Vaal version, does it make sense to just have it not affect Vaal Power Siphon as the huge damage decrease makes it pretty useless.

Either that or allow Barrage Support to give some benefit to Vaal Power Siphon, but I am not sure how that would work.

Anyways, Power Siphon with Barrage Support in general is great fun so thanks for that!
Do to the recent buffs to monsters health, Vaal power siphon no longer has the punch it used to have. It needs a change.

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