Vaal Spectral Throw

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Last bumped on Jun 10, 2019, 3:24:34 PM
Hey Jess and everyone else at GGG.

I've been trying "Vaal Spectral Throw" many times now, and everytime i use it, it seems really lackluster.

Even back in the days when 'Vaal Skills' could gain souls on kill, it was lackluster.

It's just not fun to use, everytime you use it, you've got this humongous expectation that it will help you or do atleast something, but most of the time it doesn't even hit the enemy.

I mean it.. This is what happens atm. When we use "Vaal Spectral Throw" the monsters are either already dead by us throwing standard "Spectral Throw" on them, or they miss the targets by a long shot. third option is us running around like baboons to kite the monsters into the "Vaal Spectral Throw".

One of my favorit builds in Diablo 2 was the Hammerdin, basicly what "Vaal Spectral Throw" is without the limited uses.


How do you buff the ability?
I honestly think it will be really hard to buff as a "Vaal Skill" without changing something mechanichal about the ability. Like the projectiles will orbit you instead of the area it was original cast.

But is that what people want??
Most people i know, myself included ofcause, just want a hammerdin like ability (Spamable)


As mentioned before, somekind of rework to "Vaal Spectral Throw" would be nice, as if they were orbiting you, so you had better controll on it. Or it could add a bunch of additional projectiles to the skill, like 5-10 or something, both options make it more impactful.

Or give the ability like 10-20 charges, with alot lower soul count, so you can use them more often and actually have fun.

Make a new 'Attack' Skill called "Orbital Weapon Throw" or something. Functions the same way as "Vaal Spectral Throw"

Make a new 'Spell' Skill called "Orbital 'whatever'" so you can actually use it together with "Cast on Crit" and "Cast on Channel". (Just don't make it too shiny, i know you don't want to hear it, but believe it or not, some of your abilities actually get "Too shiny" when combined with "Cast on Crit"

I really hope you buff/rework it soon, i've actually been waiting for this a long time... (Early alpha player here)

Please take notice, people want a hammerdin esque build in the game, and "Vaal Spectral Throw" just doesn't cut it. The last "Vaal Skill" rework you did, left a lot of vaal skills in the dust.

Many regards a otherwise happy poe player :)

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