Vaal Summon Skeletons

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Last bumped on Nov 1, 2018, 7:29:31 AM
Dear GGG, the petition is quite simple, with the 3.3 patch, the new Vaal interaction with our support gems to the summoners has increased beyond the limits we had ever experienced. The case is, as a Skeleton Mage summoner, is quite annoying that the skill that is meant to be my "finisher", doesnt get the benefits that should from Spell Echo.

I AM NOT ASKING FOR IT TO CAST DOUBLE SKELETONS, (Caps just for being clear) but for the Skeleton Casters to have their spells with Spell Echo. Every other Vaal Skill only suffers the "dont cast it twice" penalty, but in this case, we suffer it twice, because now my "Dead Reckoning" makes that 10 of the Warriors turns into Casters but with quite low DPS because they have'nt the effect, so the nerf to the skill is so huge in comparison with other skills.

Please let me in the comments what do you think, but politely and without insulting nor calling "babycry", we all have opinions and we have to be glad to be able to share them :D
when vaal skeletons or skeletons are off the screen they dissapear one, by one. we can try to lure them with charged dash but is not enough. clearing the incursions was a lot difficult because of this. u finished a pack then the skelies runing in circles in the same spot. clearing red maps(t15-14) was a little slow because of permantly lose the skeleton. Can we increase the time for skeletons for dont dissapear? or after few secs the skellons can appear one by one to our position ?

Even with flesh offering the boost of moov sped wasnt enought

or maybe we can rework the skill a little? if we are not in the radius of skeletons they lose 15%-30%-50% of total damage, but the gain a boost of moov speed for come with us again.

or when skelletons are out of screen explodes dealing "x" source of dmg?

or allow use convocation with some penalties for skeletons like:

convocation recalls half of ur skeletons when they are out of screen but they do -50% of total dmg for 4 seconds.

Delve is comming soon and i want to play a skelleton builds again. what is going to happen when the skeletons starts running in circles in a darkess zone?
Vaal Summon Skeletons (VSS):

Limit: 42

Warriors: 21
Archers: 9
Mages: 5
General: 1

Total: 36

Bone Sculptor ascendancy passive + From Dust jewel = +4 skeletons

Final total: 40

Normal skeleton limit is 11

1) If I use VSS first to get 40 skeletons out, I can then use normal summon skeleton to get another 11 for a total of 51.

2) If I do it the other way around and summon 11 skeletons first, then VSS only gives me 31 because of the 42 limit.

Why does the limit only apply to scenario 2?

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