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Last bumped on Jan 19, 2020, 5:01:21 PM
Easily one of the best support gem additions in a really long time. This makes low-level melee leveling pretty painless with skills that otherwise paled in comparison to something like Sunder. I'd love an MTX of some kind for this. I'd also love the ancestors to be more easily visible somehow. When trying to trigger an ancestral call with, say, Molten Strike in a single target scenario it can sometimes be hard to tell if you're actually triggering it properly.
Good support for many skills but please make the ancestors more visible. They are almost impossible to see in many cases.
This support gem need a rebalance, because it lower single target dps too much.

Currently, the gem is : "it's Supported Skills deal (25-16)% less Damage"

I think it should be "it's Supported Skills deal (25-6)% less Damage"
Last edited by RonY_Warrior on Jul 11, 2019, 6:58:54 AM
Eliminate less damage multiplier can't prevent gem switching. Strike skills are still less attractive than AoE skills.

My suggestion is

1. Strike skills supported by ancestral call always deal 3 hits. That means if there is only one enemy nearby, this enemy will take all 3 hits at the same time.

2. Skills suppoted by ancestral call deal less 30% damage.

3. if 2 hits or 3 hits were taken by a enemy at the same time, the 2nd and 3rd hit deal less 50% damage.

So, if a enemy takes 3 hits at the same time, the damage it takes is 0.7 + 0.7 * 0.5 + 0.7 * 0.5 = 1.4
Make Ancestral Call hit one single target instead of other nearby enemies when in blood stance to improve single target issues with this gem.

People dont like gem swapping for bosses this should be an outdated mechanic.
Last edited by zzang on Sep 10, 2019, 4:13:02 PM
Id love to have awakened ancestrall call work with the celestial ancestral call mtx

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