Games closes randomly

The last couple of days my game has started to randomly close, I dont get an error message or anything the game just closes. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Im running the game via steam and it is up to date.
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I have the same exact thing happening to me, game just freezes and then PUFF! just closes with no error message. Tried reinstalling the game, steam, windows, turning it off and on again, and what more is annoying is that it seams to happen more frequently. I relay don't know what to do anymore, before this league i had this happen like 1 time per month, not 20+ times per day.

Edit: My friend that has play'd poe with me for years has the same problem, and we have very different hardware.
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Same thing here, sometimes I won't even move in the game just idle/afk and it will close while I'm watching something on the other screen.

Now it is also disconnecting me randomly, I know it is not my internet as I have a laptop as well and it is working fine on it. So probably something wrong with my configuration on my PC.
same problem here. just in the middle of whatever i do sometimes the client freezes for 1-2 secs then closes without any message.

maybe someone can give advice
Same issue here. Just got a new 1060 and I thought it was just maybe something with that, but seems probably not if I'm not the only one.
Same here
Same here! doesn't appears to be related with any action in particular, but while mapping.

AMD FX-8370
16GB ram DDR3 1600 (4 x 4Gb)
GTX-1060 6GB MSI
SSD v300 240Gb (Sata)
Windows 10 Pro x64
Predictive mode

I always play in 3 men party and the game kick us at the same time, the funny thing is that no error message appears.

The 3 play with different rigs, my brother computer is Ryzen 5 1600 with 16GB DDR4, with M.2 ssd and Radeon HD6970 the other is Core I5 with 8Gb ram DDR3 and GTS-450.

We all have the same version of Windows and share the internet connection.
So could be related at IP? packet loss? Windows?
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Still no answer since Jun 9. The staff is ignoring player or what ? Impossible to play with whose bug. For exemple labyrinthe is impossible. Not sure to play anymore if this bug isn't corrected
Same here. Was in 3 man party all in different states and bam mine crashed then 2 mins later the next guy's closes and 2 min later the third. No message. Just like one second your playing next second your looking and your desktop background. Cant be up as we all 3 live in different states. Also we all 3 get the failed to join instance all the same times too now.
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