Games closes randomly

Same here.

I5, RX470, 8GB Ram, SSD, W10

It randomly crashes. It also happens to my buddy with a totally different hardware (Ryzen 2200G).

We were actually thinking on buying tabs and some other stuff but the game is crashing more and more...

Edit: Just was playing an unique map, and the game crashed again, "hehehe so funny".
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Same here.
It happens every 10-15min, just no way to play. Is there something to do ?
Still crashing no error's here. No clue what it is. Played for along time and never experienced this issue before. I'm certain it's PoE as I play numerous other game's and even more graphically demanding one's with no issue's

Please fix!
Still closing alone...
Having the same issue only on legion character.
I can't even get into the game atm , everytime I try it crashes with no message.

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OK this is what worked for me !! delete the path of exile folder ion documents my games path of exile , I did this and was able to load the character that was crashing. Good Luck

This is my exact issue , I been trying to find fixes and it's still happening no matter what I do. Oddly enough it seems to only happen to my legion characters in general. All settings on low , done everything suggested (that I could find in old posts ect) and it's still happening. I'd hate to have to go down the route of refund request but to spent 250$ in the last 7 days on supporter packs and unable to play the game without issues isn't what im paying for.. A new legion that's unplayable but standard doesn't seem to have this issue?

some sort of support in regards to this would be appreciated.

Still waiting for a real answer.
lost 2 uberlabs today and getting dc every map.

Getting Unexpected Disconnection all the time.
same :) every 5-10 minutes since i switched to melee from ed, 0 crashes on ed for the first 3 days, died, made melee build, dc every 5 minutes, dunno what happend there

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