Games closes randomly

im having the same issue i took a break from the game and came back to my game randomly closing usually as soon as i open it and get onto one of my characters where as before i never had this issue
Same here. And the frequency it occurs is completely random. Sometimes I can play literally for an entirety of the day, and it doesn't happen, sometimes it happens several times a day.

GTX 1660
16GB ram
Ryzen 5 2600 6core 3.4ghz
Windows 10
happens for me too. wish it could be sorted
Has this not been fixed? I'm having this same problem and it's annoying. Any solution?
same promblem. Game closed 5 times in 3 maps
same problem. 05/05/2020.
unable to play, 06/05/2020

GTX 2060 S
Ryzen 2700X
16GB 3200
Same shit , but they are busy releasing new vi$u@L €fF€Ct$ ... Because it's enterpayment and no longer entertainment ..
Same here. Game randomly crashed with no error message or anything while delve. Any solution?
wow i was surprised im not the only one this is happening to. just lost a sim and 2 maps because of this. portals gone. thanks for wasting my time GGG. there should be a reimbursement policy for issues like these. I dont grind ALL day to log into a sim and then get booted losing all my portals!

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