Games closes randomly

I've been having the same issue. Can we get some sort of response?
Been having the same issue as well, completely ruining the private league my friend and I paid for, as we can't play.
I am getting the same issue I don't even get 5 mins of gameplay before it just cuts off with no error it's getting really annoying and GGG don't seem to give a fuck we haven't had any replies I have been watching this thread for about 3 weeks now
Having similar issues. Game shuts down my entire computer after a certain amount of playtime. As far as I can tell my temperatures are alright. Had to be something with the last patch because I was having no issues before that.

Would love a response from somebody.
It was the second month of the league ... GGG did not even recognize the problem ... this is such a FAIL
Same thing is happening to me this last week.

It will randomly close without any prompt or error message.
I checked the CPU temps and load (given how hot it is now) and they are all pretty regular. It mostly happened in maps, but that's because i'm mostly in maps. It also happened in hideout while I was idling.

I have also tried running both the 32 and 64 bit versions, same thing happening on both.

Drivers are all good and up-to-date. It's kinda sucky.
Im having the same problem here.

Just lost a 83 Catarina with a stacked board because of this. Game crashed 6 times during the fight.

Using --noasync, enabling/disabling Engine Multithreading, reverting drivers, Vulkan or DirectX, etc., makes no difference. Still crashing randomly without any error messages.
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Same here .....
Since yesterday it just closes randomly without any notice
Same issue.
I posted a thread with my reports.

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