Games closes randomly

Same here, no error message on screen or anything, however I noticed in Windows Event log I get an exception code 0xc0000005 from PathOfExile_x64Steam.exe. Just started happening since the last patch. Not sure what's going on.
same issue with me I've been posting to other forums as i see them. Just want to raise awareness with GGG that some thing is wrong and for many the game is unplayable...
Same issue here, game closing without any error. Only with multithreading. Game runs like sh*t without it...
The same is happening to me. For several maps in a row now when i engage the league mechanic or some larger pack of mobs the game just closes just as if i alt+f4'd. At least my character does not seem to die when this happens even if im fighting a lot of mobs so i guess the disconnection is really fast.
Same. I've tried a lot of different settings, reinstalling, updating drivers. Unplayable! Please fix!
Same here!
Please fix GGG, this is unplayable!
same here!
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Same issue, random crashes to desktop, no freeze - instant crash to desktop without any error message.

i7 6700k
750w psu
no overclocking at all
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Im surprized this isn't fixed by closed again wonder how many times today it will do this GGG fix this

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