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NateDiesel wrote:
poetic93 wrote:
Pantheon choices for tectonic slam jugg ?

+1 on this - what is he using?
Solaris and Gurnkel?

I believe the Pantheon's will more be based on play style, for me Arakaali and Ralakesh work best for me, also used Lunaris and Tukohama(You are stationary when using tect slam), I swapped to Ralakesh though as I noticed my biggest issue was bleeds and being maimed, sure we use a Staunching flask but the less we have to worry about it the faster we can move through a map. For Arakaali, the reduced effect of shock and the +25% chaos resist against Dots were important to me, the Masters use chaos damage, which is the reason why I opted(testing) in using Atziri's Promise over the wise oak for general mapping, our DPS is already super high for general mapping so the more Chaos resist vs the Master's the better, for bosses I would swap to wise oak no doubt.
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CyberMike13 wrote:
1. Which ascendancy order for Jugg Tectonic Slam?
2. What choices for Pantheon for Jugg Tectonic Slam?

I leveled up as a different spec and swapped but I would say If resist/defenses are good Unflinching(Extra Endurance charge) or if you are lacking defenses Unbreakable(more armor)>Unyielding>Undeniable.
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What would you guys suggest for the next upgrade with my current gear?
Currently I'm thinking about getting a shield with +1 totem... But is staff with Power Charge on Crit the better choice?

Would a Loreweave (without corruption) beat a Tabula with +2 projectile gems?

Life: 4026
Mana (with Aspect + Clarity): 2001
Resistance: 80/90/191

I've reached map Tier 8/9 and it's pretty much easy mode, but sometimes Syndicate battles is pretty dangerous.. :(

My Gear
What nodes do you prioritize for your CoC Discharge (3.5) toon? I'm using your guy as a template, was wondering which nodes to go for first.

Is Elemental Equilibrium a priority? Would a Cospri's with a secondary discharge be "optimal"?
I was wondering when you were going to get around to renewing your Fakener build. It was the first build I ever played and my league starter this time. I found much better survivability by adding Firestorm to the COC links and two shaper rings with "+## life gained for each enemy hit by your spells". Also using cwdt + bv + pcoc + blind. Next upgrade was going to be Volls as they were only 1ex, but they have more than doubled in the last week so I'll go for a watchers eye next with the life gained on hit vitality mod.

All the +life from every discharge, bv, cyclone, and Firestorm should make up for no longer having instant vaal pact.
i changed mathil's coc discharge a little bit and made 2 versions in 1 character.
1 for clear speed and another weapon slot for single target dps.
heres the items:

2nd wep slot for clear speed:
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we dont need cwdt setup on tectonic slam build?
we dont need cwdt setup on tectonic slam build?

I'm having that on mine. Immortal call saving me a few times for sure.
Ascendancy order for TheBoys build?
Pantheon choices?
Thank you Mathil!

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