Mathil Build List v3.0

I'm currently leveling mjolner beeftain, but there is something i don't get, how are you getting mana? atm i always need to spam my mana potions in order to cast spells.
Zacataka wrote:

Can some one help me?

What is the pantheon for the build "The Boys Gladiator Double Strike"?


dude. it doesn't matter. whatever you wan't, it's not a make-it or break-it
Different types of SSD guide:
Ice Nova Self Cast still viable? Does anyone know?
@ Mathil

For the stormfire build what would the tree look like from the trickster perspective? Being I could make the character more optimized.
Poet Pen Dark Pact Occultist Still works? in 3.6
Playing the tectonic slam oni jugg in ssf, already have the oni but I’m not sure when or if I’ll be able to get a abyssus, not am I sure I want to, never liked it too much. Do you have any other ideas of what I should do/ general tips for ssf(first char in it)/general tips of stats or items to make sure I get? I’m thinking I try to fossil craft a helm with neg fire res with scorched fossils, hopefully pristine as well if I can find enough.

But also thanks for the build, currently playing my record for dying the least, when this is posted I just got to act 10 and no deaths. Anyway thanks for your time if you read this, to mathil or more likely someone else sadly.

Is there any ranger lvling guide for voidforge?
Thanks Mathil. I don't see a lot of answers on this post, but, question: for the Soulrend Trickster, why use Wither in the totem setup? If you use a Spreading Rot jewel it spreads Wither when you cast the Blight totem. No?
re: SSF Assassin FB/Ice Nova
Thanks for doing a SSF build and not using gear that isn't available to people who don't trade much.

I'm probably missing something but can anyone tell me why mathil uses Wave of Conviction in his SSF Frostbolt/Ice Nova Assassin build? The exposure debuff is going to apply lightning/fire -res and not -cold res, right?

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