Mathil Build List v3.0

Newer player here, very intrigued by the Elementalist build and trying to figure out what other melee skills will or won't work with the tree as-is. For example, would something like Molten Strike work? Any guidance would be much appreciated.
I really wanna try static strike build but im so confused on leveling.. kinda new player and i dont know which items to use till having the sword and body armour.. also on leveling should i use the static strike skill or not ?

ıd be appreciated if some of u guys give me quick summary or tips ! not that noob tough ! know couple of stuffs so u dont have to tell me that detailed :)
Static Strike Elementalist

I have all full gear the same as he has and im getting one taped by minotaur without mods and im doing no damage any explain ?
Same, think I'm gonna drop trying to make that build work.

I even have a 6l voidforge in my secondary with singletarget gems just for bossfights and I still hit like a wet noodle on most bosses while minotaur just oneshots me the second I enter.
I made the same build as yours static strike, I die from every mob, and with bosses it's generally problem (sorry bad english)
I don't get why but even with close combat gem and ruthless or (full dmg on life) i can't seem to deal any dmg to guardians especially minotaur i used 2 minotaur maps to kill him but all i could do was lowering his hp to %90 at max
I have a question about Ice nova raider build, which are the best pantheon gods?
Dear Mathil
Mjolems - Mjolnir RF Elementalist this build can go delve dept ?
And pls make a build go delve dept
Thanks a lots
Any plan to play Essence drain, Mathil ? :))
How are you keeping Rf on all the time my life always goes down even tho i have every item listed thank you

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