Mathil Build List v3.0

Hylvenir wrote:

Look at the enchantment of the helmet ;)

Yes!!!!! ok Thx ;)
HÄSI wrote:
Whats the best way for leveling BV Chieftain?
Is the clearspeed good enough in T12-T16 maps? Is inpulsa a Option for better clearspeed?

I've levelled with tabula + (BV + everything I could manage with mana) and hit 70 within 12 hours I presume. GO with a Brightbeak for clearspeed during levelling.
whats the pantheon setup for bladevortex chieftain?
Hey guys,i don't understand how's Mathil dealt with accuracy in White wind ST build,since we not using any off-hand(Lycosidae),there only 3 or 4 nodes for accuracy in the tree + some on the shaper ring,is that enough?
What the estimated chance to hit?
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I noticed that the White Wind Raider Spectral Throw buid has a tree that ends in the Duelist area.

Would it also work with a Slayer and a 2H weapon ?
How about going JUGG instead of Berserker with the Earthquake build? Any ideas about it?

Playing the Chieftain BV (or Beeftain). Any ideas why am I getting destroyed so fast sometimes?
It seemed like Mathil was pretty damn tanky, however sometimes I die extremely quickly, I'm thinking maybe Phys damage.. but also just got 1 shotted by Phoenix boss with no special mods.
I'm up to 34 deaths on a character\build that is praised as "tanky". PLEASE HELP
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Just read the 3.4 Patch Notes. No changes for BV Chieftain or?
HÄSI wrote:
Just read the 3.4 Patch Notes. No changes for BV Chieftain or?

Should be just as good if not better, the pathing improves a bit, and a few of the small elemental nodes got buffs.

I've made a PoB for it with a few quality of life improvements as well as more life. The pathing seems strange, but I assure you this is the absolute optimal pathing with the new tree.

Going to be running it myself as well, spent hours perfecting this tree.

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