Mathil Build List v3.0

Going to be trying your Vaal Double Strike Beserker as my next league starter. Lets hope it goes as smooth as i think it will
cjrollo wrote:
How do you make the earthquake scion when it doesn't connect to middle?

If you haven't found it out already, it's because Scion let's you start a the starting point from another class. It is the class that you take the last point in the ascendancy from.

So if it has say Elementalist and Berserker, and you put the last point in the furtest part of the ascendency thing for Berserker, you can respec your passive tree a bit, and start from Berserker.
so the beeftain bv 4.0 why is he using efficacy as last slot and not elemental focus? is it because he is using those clusters with ignore lowers enemy res by 10%
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hello im a fairly new player and trying out the tectonic zerker build from delerium but the passive tree is remade, and the warcry's are remade, so my question is should i go for the warcry nodes with the most recovery speed?

or should i take the same nodes and just accsept that its remade?

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