[3.3] Ethical LLD Beginner's Guide

A step by step guide on making your first Ethical LLDer.

1. Pick an archetype
The first thing we want to do is decide whether we want to be melee (Warrior/Assassin), archer or spell caster. All 3 of these archetypes have their merits but the most straightforward ones are melee and archer. There are other possibilities (trappers/miners, summoners,...) but let’s keep it simple for now

2. Pick a main attack skill
Not all skills are suitable for LLD due to the way PvP damage is calculated (https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Player_versus_player#PvP_Damage_scaling).

So here’s a list of proven skills per archetype:

A. Melee
- Bladeflurry (Banned)
- Lacerate
- Charged Dash
- Double Strike
- Heavy Strike
- Molten strike
- Sunder
B. Archer
- Rain of arrows (Banned)
- Shrapnel shot (Banned)
- Split arrow
- Ice shot
C. Spell caster
- Flame blast
- Cremation
- Molten shell
- Cold snap
- Bladefall
- Firestorm

3. Defence
Due to the limited amount of passives and gear options new players often tend to go glass cannon and decide not to invest in any defences.
More often than not a well balanced build (offence/defence) will come out on top.

I’ll start off by listing the minimum requirements that pretty much all builds have to aim for:
- 1.1k life
- Capped resistances
- Stun immunity (Ezomyte hold) or Stun avoidance (Heart of oak passive + Leo bench craft on helm)
- 1 (or both) of the defensive options below, depending on your archetype

A. Block
(Popular for Melee warrior builds; Sword & Board & Facebreaker)
- Shield – e.g. Lycosidae (31% Block) *
- Passives Duelist (16% Block), Ranger (13% Block), Marauder (6% Block)*
- Tempest shield (3% Block) *
- Gloves haku bench mod (2% Block) **
- Reckless defence (4% Block + 20% block to spell block Block) **
- Stone of lazhwar (50% block to spell block) **

* Minimum requirements
** Optional/Situational

You should aim for anywhere between 45% and 55% block.
With this kind of block chance your counter attack gems (Riposte, Reckoning, Vengeance) should be proccing non-stop.
B. Dodge
(Popular for Melee assassin and archer builds)
- Acrobatics + Phase acrobatics (40% Dodge + 30% Spell dodge) *
- Quartz flask (10% Dodge + 10% Spell dodge) *
- Suffix mod “Of Haze” on body armour (4% Dodge) **
- Kraityn Bandit reward (3% Dodge) **
- Suffix mod “Of mist” on shields (2% Dodge or Spell dodge) **

* Minimum requirements
** Optional/Situational

4. Class choice and passive tree
Since we’re limited to 35 points (or 33 + Bandit rewards) choosing a class suddenly gets very important.

Some examples:
- Only Shadow and Ranger can get Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics
- Only Duellist, Ranger and Marauder can get high block chance
- Only Templar, Scion and Witch can get Elemental Equilibrium and Mind over Matter
- Only Templar and Marauder can get Resolute Technique

Generic Passive Tree Examples
Melee: Block/Dodge Hybrid Ranger (Physical) + Kraityn bandit reward
Melee: Block Duelist (Physical)
Melee: Dodge Ranger (Physical to Elemental Conversion)
Melee: Block Templar (Elemental)
Melee/Archer: Dodge Shadow (Elemental)
Archer: Dodge Ranger (Physical) + Kraityn bandit reward

5. Gear
A. Unique Gear
I’ll go over every low level unique item that has potential in LLD

- Dreadarc (Curse on hit Flamability)
- Stormcloud
- Hand of Thought and Motion
- Brutus’ Lead Sprinkler
- Tulborn

- Lycosidae (CAN'T BE EVADED + Cold damage on block)
- Glitterdisk (Chance to avoid fire damage)
- Deep one’s hide (Curse on block Vulnerability)

- Ezomyte Hold (Grants STUN IMMUNITY. Useful for most builds, swap when needed!)
- Asenath’s Mark
- Malachai’s Simula (BLOOD MAGIC)

!! Goldrim is a noobtrap and should never be used, there are way better alternatives !!

- Giantsbane
- Hrimburn
- Doedre’s Tenure
- Facebreaker

Body Armour:
- Foxshade
- Skin of the Loyal (+1 Gem for casters)

- Stormcharger
- Abberath’s Hooves
- Wanderlust (Gives FREEZE IMMUNITY)
- Dusktoe
- Wake of Destruction

- Meginord’s Girdle
- Belt of the Deceiver
- Coward’s Chains

- Stone of Lazhwar
- Astramentis
- Carnage Heart
- Star of Wraeclast

- Le Heup of All
- Dream Fragments (Grants FREEZE IMMUNITY, useful as a swap when needed!)
- Kikazaru (Curse resistance)
B. Rare Gear
Buying rare gear can be intimidating at first if you don’t know what to look for.

I’ll go over each gear slot and give you some examples of what a ‘good’ LLD item looks like.
In general, a good rare item will have:
- 55+ Life
- 35+ Resistance
- As much offence as possible

- Melee

- Bow

- Spell Caster


* Important! Open suffix for Leo’s stun avoidance mod



* Important! Flat physical/elemental damage + Attack speed


* Important! Movement speed 15 to 20


* Important! Reduced flask charges used


Highly dependant on build but can be a big damage booster:
- Flat physical/elemental damage
- Elemental damage with attacks %
- Cast speed %

* Elreon


Highly dependant on build but can be a big damage booster:
- Flat physical/elemental damage
- Elemental damage with attacks %
- Cast speed %
- Attack speed %


6. Flasks
Flask rolls and flask management play a huge part in LLD.
Below you can find my personal flask setup and I would advise any beginning LLD players to try and replicate these flasks as best they can:

3 Giant Life Flasks
2 Utility Flasks

7. Movement skills
Positioning is a very important aspect in any PvP game, and PoE PvP is no different. That's why it's always a good idea to get some movement skills on any type of LLD character.

Below you can find the movement skills I would recommend per archetype:

A. Melee (Weapon-based)
- Whirling blades
- Blink arrow swap (Quill rain + Rearguard)
- Leap slam (optional)
B. Melee (Facebreaker)
- Shield charge
- Flame dash
- Blink arrow swap (Quill rain + Rearguard)
C. Archer
- Blink arrow
- Whirling blades swap (2x Wildslash)
D. Caster
- Whirling blades (if using daggers)
- Flame dash
- Blink arrow swap (Quill rain + Rearguard)

8. List of LLD builds in PoB:

- Sword & Board Bladeflurry Ranger

- Blast Rain Ranger

- Dual wield Double strike Ranger
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I think you should expand on the stun section of the build guide. Explain what you can do with the essences. How much stun avoidance is comfortable, the benefits of the choices

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