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LostC0ntrol wrote:
i have a noob question and i may sound stupid in it
i made these weps

and i forgot to make them 20% quality do i have to remake another ones or it`ll not be that big of a difference ?

Yeah you can't apply quality once they're corrupted. I would say to buy another dreamfeather, they're pretty cheap, and see if you can replace them. It's not a dealbreaker, but you are missing damage.

I took a break from this character for the last couple weeks. Been playing a 2h slayer cyclone (yea i joined the band wagon). The movement of cyclone does feel good, he hits damn hard. Hopping back to this guy today, does feel a little sluggish having to stay in one place to attack, haha. But to be honest, I think I feel more tanky. My slayer only has 3400 unbuffed armor 22% dmg reduction. I pretty much have that right now on this character, plus 66% unbuffed evasion. Hit 75% with flasks easily. I find legion is harder to do effectively, as bladestorm is a smaller AOE in blood stance. But overall, it feels less fragile.
loczek123 wrote:
Just checked it, yeah, it's easier this way but still the average cost in chromatics + jewellers + fusings to get it done is around 13 exalteds. I didn1t expected a cheap six link but I thought I could get one with maybe 3-4 exalteds but 13 for me is way beyond what can be considered budget

where did you get this number 13ex?

especially to show how easy and cheap it gets off color I went to the standard and recorded a video. To be not told that it was a one-time luck (but anyway first try was lucky one) I recorded a second time as I do 5r 1g.

The first time, exactly 820 Jeweler was used https://youtu.be/I8QHWvcOfo8
The second time, exactly 1334 Jeweler was used https://youtu.be/I8QHWvcOfo8

Taking into account the current prices, it would cost me on legion the first time - 0.7ex and second - 1.1ex. So to the cost of the normal six-link we add this value. Because doing Six-link is no different from other builds. Even if you have a lot of bad luck, it seems to me that there is no option to get close to 13ex. On legion I have already done twice off-color on Perfect Form, now I play Death Oath which also had to off-color on 1r (this is Armour chest so same situation). I have never used more than 2000 jewelers which means I have never even spent 2ex on off-color. And the same word budget is used as an entry threshold on league start, it is known that to make a good minmax, you need to spend some currency. I added links to the video in the first post will be useful for another player.


Well I took those number out of Vorici Calculator


Just fill the informations about the chestpiece and the disered colors and see for yourself. The average cost for that combination of colors, converted to chromatic orbs , is equal to 9311 ( Also known as 9 exalted orbs nowadays) Then I added 4 more exalteds to six link the thing and came around 13 exalteds.

Sorry but your sample size is only two, I'm talking about the average cost. You had to try less than 30 times to get the right combination while the calculator states the average number of tries as 77.6 . Also the vast majority of your failures were in the third socket which is quite cheap compared to the 5th socket . So in other words you got very very lucky

So, I still think 13 exalts just for a chestpiece is super expensive to be labeled as budget .
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So everyone running from the first week in 5 offcolor are lucky? there is no option to spend 10 ex for offcolor doing it like on my video, I have done it dozens of times it never cost me much, on various items and characters, this is not some blood magic for Rich people. In this topic a lot of people run in such a way no one wrote about spending a fortune. Did you do it in the game or just play the calculator on the site?

Anyway, this is a calculator for chromatics and here we use only 25 to make 2x Red for start ...
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I think I used zero chromatics for mine. I bought it with 1 socket, and just used the jeweler crafting to get all 6.
Has anyone managed to do the 150 kills during a legion encounter challenge? I can't do it for the life of me. Having to stay in place while attacking takes too much time away. Even if I 1 shot the monsters, I can't do it in time.

I'm using the lacerate build.
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jorge69696 wrote:
Has anyone managed to do the 150 kills during a legion encounter challenge? I can't do it for the life of me. Having to stay in place while attacking takes too much time away. Even if I 1 shot the monsters, I can't do it in time.

I'm using the lacerate build.

It was hard but some way did it on low tier map (forgot where exactly)
Hard but real.
Just got too act 5 and im just wondering which is best ascendancy to go i know gladiator is more popular but is there a big difference is damage and survivabilty using champion?Also why do we take impale nodes when we dont use banners or impale in a 6 links?
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Hey, love the build, but it's just silly how many jewellers this is taking, currently on 2640 spent which on XBox is about 5 ex worth
Hi, I do really enjoy the build either with Gla or Champ. Currently I'm playing with Champ, it's very tanky, and i have killed Shaper. I'm doing a mix between lacerate and impale but sometimes i don't feel like i have enough damage to clear UE. Can you give me some advice. Thanks :3
Here is my current build: https://pastebin.com/X5bLsp0J
trying to get the 5r 1g and this happens....worth hanging on to..I've no idea
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