Info to get into LLD PvP

LLD = Low Level Dueling (level 28 maximum)

If you talk to Leo in act 3 you can invite him into your hideout, leo does NOT count towards the maximum masters of your hideout. Once you have taked to Leo you can make a premade LLD character in the character creation screen. You can respect the masters of an LLD character at any timee and has 35 passive points. A PvP character may ony exist in PvP zones and Hideouts and this means that if you want to use "animate guardian" on your PvP build you have to manually level a 28 character. If your character is ascended from the labyrinth they cannot que in LLD and will be qued into HLD (high level dueling).

This post is a work in progress so please constantly give feedback to I can improve the quality.

This post will be in reference to the Community PvP Ruleset:
Community Ruleset

This is a compliment to Cookie's Guide I highly suggest reading it first!


Keep in mind these aren't the only meaningful uniques in LLD, this is simply a list of items to be aware of when you begin!

Unique Gear

Ezomyte Hold

Grants Stun Immunity while also being able to have 50 life


Not a great option for LLD due to lack of stats but can be great in a build that is in desperate need of resists

Fairgraves Tricorne

Perfect to have in your inventory and swap to against players that rely or can reliably shock


Doedre's Tenure

Use on abilities that scale spell damage but do not scale with cast speed such as traps

Vaal Caress

Using a Vaal Skill variation of an ability gem will grant +2 to the non Vaal variation as well

Face Breaker

Build Enabling Gloves


Abberath's Hooves

Build Enabling Boots, remember that you can only socket 3 supports instead of 4 in these boots for community rules.


30% move speed boots with traps, remember these boots will count as 1 of your 3 allowed supports for skills.


Can keep in inventory for a freeze immunity item swap


Keep in inventory to combat high chaos damage builds

Wake of Destruction

Huge amount of flate lightning damage to attack builds

Body Armour


Great chest piece that grants Ignite Immunity, can easily be main chest or inventory swap

Skin of the Loyal

Solid body armour for spells as the +1 level contributes to the damage output

Viper's Scales

Solid chest that also grants poison immunity and chance to poison with attacks


A strong gear swap choice against physical melee builds


Malachai's Artifice

Though EE can lower an NPC mobs resistance significantly a strong player can item swap to improve their resistances. This ring can be utilized for power against weaker players but a stronger player will adapt quickly making it a dead item slot.

Mokou's Embrace

Unlike in PvE in PvP it is very likely that you will get ignited in a match

Berek's Respite
Berek's Pass

Berek's Grip
All 3 rings grant substantial flat damage to spells and attacks

Tasalio's Sign

Strong chill avoidance and the ability to gain extra damage on chilled targets for skill combined with Arctic Armour, Vortex or Cold Snap


This is simply a budget Elreon Ring


Great for swapping to against an enemy that is using multi cursing


Protects from temp chains specifically while potentially offering more stats than Kikazaru

Dream Fragments

Chill and Freeze Immunity, keep in your inventory for an item swap

Le Heup of All

Amazing stats and resists on a ring slot


Stone of Lazhwar

High cast speed and spell block

Atziri's Foible

Helps with stats needed for build while also helping sustain mana


Perfect for stats

Carnage Heart
Budget Astramentis with all resistances

Eye of Chayula

Grants stun immunity but at a much higher cost than Ezomytes Hold

Karui Charge

Amazing amulet for builds that need projectile speed and overall solid stats

Star of Wraeclast

Fastest form of mobility in LLD while also granted chiled ground and solid resistances


String of Servitude

Not a great belt but can offer tons of resistances in a pinch

Meginord's Girdle

Staple belt for attacks along with belt of the deceiver

The Magnate

Amazing LLD belt if you have 200 strength on your build, 50% flask charge gained will win matches

Belt of the Deceiver

Go to belt for attack builds that get into close quarters



Extremely efficient defenses even with Acrobatics


Storm Cloud

High base attack speed and located easily for lightning penetration on the passive tree

Melee Weapons

Brutus' Lead Sprinkler
Efficient scaling with strength to get high defense

Pillar of the Caged God
Build Enabling unique to stack high strength


Used to weapon swap for faster leaps and shield charges

Caster weapons


Great combined with Brinerot Flag to gain power charges

Xirgil's Crank
+1 level to spells and enables ES recharge on block


Brinerot Flag

Combined with Tulborn for flat cold damage from using warcries


Shield swap to combat high cold damage builds


Allows melee builds to ignore enemies evasion


Shield swap to combat high fire damage builds


Due to these immunities being available for LLD making a build that relies ENTIRELY on any of these mechanics makes it so your build can lose by a simple item swap. Simply be careful when making build for PvP LLD so that if your opponent equips any of these items your build will still work.

Immunities available in LLD

Chill Immunity - Dream Fragments
Freeze Immunity - Wanderlust - Dream Fragments
Ignite Immunity - Ashrend
Stun Immunity - Unwavering Stance - Eye of Chayula - Ezomyte Hold
Chaos Immunity - Chaos Innoculation
Shock Immunity - Fairgraves' Tricorn
Poison Immunity - Viper's Scales


The ilvl required for an item to roll a mod is NOT the same as the level requirement for the item. To simplify, any modification on gear that requires ilvl36 or lower will NOT have a level requirement of above 28. So your ideal LLD item to craft will be ilvl 36.
Crafting Info

Tier 1 LLD Resists

Fire Resistance 24%-29%
Cold Resistance 18% - 23%
Lightning Resistance 18% - 23%
Haku Craft 26%-30% of any 3 Elemental Resistances
Elreon Craft 21%-25% of any 3 Elemental Resistances
Chaos Resistance 11%-15%
Haku Craft 8%-13% X and Y Resistances
Elreon Craft 8%-13% X and Y Resistances
All Resistances (ring only) 9%-11%
Elreon Craft 7%-10%

Due to this irregularity it is easier to get Fire Resistance over all other resists, increasing the value of Cold/Lightning Resistance rings or uniques that offer these stats.

Chaos resistance is not the largest concern in LLD but it is still great to keep a pair of Dusktoe boots in your inventory to gain 50% Chaos Resistances during flask effect as this is equal to 4 to 5 Chaos Resistance suffix rolls on gear and Amethyst Rings base lvl is too high to be used in LLD

Tier 1 LLD Maximum Life

On an LLD build you should expect to have around 1050 to 1150 life to consider yourself to have an average health pool. Anything less would be to focus on glass cannon and higher to be tanky. There is no "right" amount of health for all PvP builds just keep in mind what you want to do.

There is a limit the +Maximum Life roll on any piece of gear capping it to +69 Maximum Life for the community ruleset. This is due to hybrid life rolls introduced into the game.

Rotund: +60-69 Maximum Life
Robust: +50-59 Maximum Life
Haku Craft: +55-64 Maximum Life
Tora Craft: +55-64 Maximum Life
Elreon Craft: +35-44 Maximum Life

Due to Elreon Craft capping out at +44 Maximum Life getting 50+ life rolls on your rings is a significant upgrade where any other item that has an open prefix to craft Life can potentially get +64 of +69 after a few crafts and scours

Tier 1 LLD Attributes

23-27 Strength
23-27 Dexterity
23-27 Intelligence
26-30 Haku Craft Strength/Dexterity
26-30 Catarina Craft Intelligence
21-25 Elreon Craft (either 3)

13-16 All Attributes
6-11 Elreon Craft All Attributes
11-14 Haku Craft All Attributes

Keep in mind that you get bonus +Maximum Life for any extra Strength rolls, +mana and %energy shield for any Intelligence rolls and +accuracy for any Dexterity rolls.

Masters are able to craft higher attributes than can be rolled on gear when deciding how to itemize your character.

Elreon Items

Elreon Jewelry can be extremely important in LLD combat allowing you to spam mobility skills or even attack with no mana cost. In the community ruleset PvP Elreon items are limited to 3 mods, one of these mods will obviously be the Elreons -X cost to abilities.

Crafting an Elreon piece is simple, slam a Regal Orb on a blue non Augmented Elreon Piece and hope for the +Maximum Life roll. (use Elreon to craft a shitty suffix on the piece before the regal slam to increase the odds of getting the life roll and removing a terrible suffix roll) This offers you flexibility in the Suffix craft.

Alternatively: Elreon stat is a prefix meaning your Aug orb will always hit a suffix and you are usually aiming for a Resist roll. After the Orb of Augmentation if you are happy with the roll you slam a Regal Orb hoping to land a +50 Maximum Life Robust roll, or a +60 Maximum Life Rotund roll.

There are many combinations of Elreon Rings and Necks that will be great to many builds so keep an eye out. Also keep in mind that getting a good life roll on an Elreon Amulet is VERY RARE so be willing to settle for the Elreon life craft


Passive Tree Information

If you choose no bandit rewards a LLD 28 character will have 35 passive points. Premade PvP characters can change their bandit choice for free at Leo and if you choose any bandit rewards you will have 33 passive points to work with.

Currently the Shadow and the Ranger are significantly stronger in the LLD meta due to access of the Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics Keystone.

This is not all the skills that can be powerful in LLD but simply some that have demonstrated results
Proven Skills

Abberath's Hooves
Charged Dash
Molten Strike
Shrapnel Shot
Split Arrow
Ice Shot
Double Strike


Important Utility

Smoke Mine
Frost Wall
Flame Dash
Leap Slam
Whirling Blades
Bear Trap
Blink Arrow
Body Swap
Arctic Armour
Frost Bomb

These skills can be key factors to winning a match and giving your build some more tools to work against high targeted damage

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