i think im wrongly ban from the tournament?


@ 2 hour and 21 minute mark for the first match..
@ 3 hour and 1 minute wrong accusation and tried to talk to him but was ban on discord and instant ignored

i was online the whole time never re log out to switch character.

my tree was all sword i just got bow for a swap?

i thought u guys were kidding when u say i cheat? how would i cheat my character wasn't re log for the whole duration of the tournament and i never respec any of my tree?

im 100% sure i aint cheating...

but u guys did ban me for unreasonable reason and ive been in this pvp tournament supporting it along since we started...i thought we are a pvp coumminity now...not a i report u for this and for that because i don't like this guy so i want him gone WTF?

u just ban me SO FAST without proof and no real reason just because u spectate a match dosent mean i cant use a bow swap? again i never change my tree or delete my character or make a new 1 if i did why was my name still the same googlefromdlablo?

then i guess i don't really have anything to say u all spec me and i got some of u on my friend list i never relog to delete and make a new character or respec my tree..i was sword the whole time lol

i really feel sad that i got ban for & wrongly accused i know u dont care about losing 1 player but really i did not cheat at least show some proof how i cheat or something all i did was swap gems/flask fighting other people...

my original set up was sword and just a bow for split arrow swap and tree was set the whole time and profile public since tournament started if this is count as cheating then ok i did not know..

im a hardcore pvp poe but this is a big accusation against me im really sad that not only i skip work and stay home to participate & support the pvp scecne... but u accused me for cheating that quick and to ban me that fast is really sad.

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I mean, I really dont see a reason for a ban.. Swapping items is fine and everyone does it..?

Regret orbing or making a new tree isnt even banned in the rules. It probably shouldn't be allowed tho.
yea agree

but i never regret anything my tree was made after they ban mirage/sharpnel so i made a sword i even fight grannite hes the 1 sold me the sword

all i did was fight pt with a bow on the first round...the bow does no dmg cuz his walking boot is good so i had to poke him?

he also saw me using a sword when fighting him too how can he not realize this i got a swap when the game starts on round 1..

cant wait for him to post his video killing me on the first round then u all can see my main skill was lacerate and a bow for swap to poke.

regardless banning me that quick without real evidence of cheating is pretty shameful of those who wants to get rid of me just becuase they don't like me not because im actually cheating.

alot of people hate me they want me gone i guess this is a good ban even tho its 100% inaccurate and false claim

i will step down from pvp since every 1 hates me cuz im dumb and i troll alot so yes u hater won.

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attempted and attempting to chat with you on discord Google337. Mistakes can be made and I can be willing to resolve them if it is appropriate. So if you do want to resolve the issue just respond via PM
lapiz wrote:
I mean, I really dont see a reason for a ban.. Swapping items is fine and everyone does it..?

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aliac123 wrote:
lapiz wrote:
I mean, I really dont see a reason for a ban.. Swapping items is fine and everyone does it..?


Seriously u can't gear swap in PVP?
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I watched this, It's very evident the Red guy posting in the comments fucked everyone in the head.

Google had a bow on primarily to out range PT's uber skilled walk build (sarcasm). Look at the damage he was doing, if he was invested in bow nodes he'd do much more then that. His Lacerate was his main skill clearly and did as much to PT as it did to Sidro. Red must of thought since Google had a bow he was ranged with a Lacerate swap, when it was clearly the other way around.
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LOL even me i swapped weapons, gems, for pvp. if swapping of weapon is cheat then why would ggg didnt nerf swapping of weapons.. ITS A COMMON SENSE.. a simple logic... im always in SARN ARENA, its nearly my Home lol..
I feel like what Mulla said is pretty damn accurate. Red talks way too much for his own good. Regardless of how he does in the events, he talks waaaaaay more than he plays, I'd never even seen him before the discord and he acts as if he knows everything.

In standard, kitty has a bow swap on all his melee builds for poking. Fuck, everyone has a bow on swap. Most of the people used at least one swap in the first event. My main build for low level on standard at one point had a full inventory of swaps. The pvp in this game is 99% gear and skill gem based, the game encourages gear swaps. You can look back at any of the season 1 or 2 events from years ago and I guarantee almost everyone had gear and flask swaps.

Even if kitty did respec his character, he shouldn't be banned. I personally wouldn't be against banning respeccing mid match or even mid event, but it's also something I really don't give a shit about. It also isn't really relevant when discussing if kitty should be banned. You cannot ban someone for a rule that doesn't exist, it's absurd.

I get that a lot of people might not like him, but you can't just ban him over nothing. I've been speaking to him since this went down. Seems like he might be done with the events altogether, at least for now, which is pretty sad.

Also @PT, I know you want to get in contact with kitty, but you ignoring him ingame doesn't help much. Even if you have him unignored now, I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to get in contact with you, at least right now.

"im just upset that he instant ban me while i try to type to him"
"also put me on ignore"
"if he woulda listen and dont ignore me so quick"
"i would be cool"
"but he fucked up"

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