[Xbox One] Stash Tab Pricing

A few weeks before 3.3.0 launched, we posted that the stash tab pricing feature would be completed and included with the launch of Incursion as our backend team believed it would be a fairly straightforward issue for them to complete. When they began working on the issue they discovered that the initial implementation plan wouldn't work. It became clear that the issue was much harder to solve than originally thought and would require significant changes to how some internal systems work, which is both dangerous and time-consuming. Unfortunately, we have had to prioritise work on core league content so that we can meet our existing release schedule. Our intention is still to complete this feature, but it's not as fast and easy as we had hoped. We understand that it's sorely needed and hope to get to it as soon as we can.

A few months ago, the user interface for this feature was accidentally patched in prematurely (and then removed quickly because it wasn't hooked up to anything). This has led some community members to believe that we implemented and then removed the feature, which isn't true.

We're very much aware that the community want this feature to be implemented as soon as possible. As a player of the Xbox version myself I am taking every opportunity to raise the priority of this issue internally. Thank you for your patience with us in this matter.
Last bumped on Sep 4, 2018, 4:39:47 PM

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