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Small offtopic - today guy asked me to help him killign the easies conqueror - Baran, AW1... i'm currently fighting on AW6 with not bad resoults, so i told him - np mate... then i was having REALLY hard time tring to kill AW1 Baran.

Can smb explain me, how is that possible? Pure spectres with RS - so we are not using any crit etc to have "unstable" DPS... I've entered, placed dtotems, frost bomb, deathmark... and he wasn't losing HP almost at all :O
Can't Find a medium thread of hope....
PM if you need Redemption sentries IGN: MinToon
PM if you need Redemption sentries IGN:MinToon
Hello, I am new to path of exile, lvl 85 now 1st build, following this build, I have 3 Spectres of Scale of Esh. Saw on youtube that if you play with Pledge of hands you will have more dps, is it correct? I would like to know if there is a guide to use the Pledge of hands in this build.
Is Scale of Esh a good option to go, or whats is the best?
Also would like to know about the storm brand/storm arm, should i really keep it at lvl 1? Why?
Scale of Esh is a good tank, and can sometimes be excellent boss DPS, but it's very inconsistent and has very poor clear speed. I would suggest Slave Drivers, they are much better clear and very strong boss DPS. They have low HP, but that's fine until you get to end game (Sirus, Elder, etc). Later on when you get to end-game (6L chest with +1 spectres) you can switch to Redemption Sentries, which give excellent DPS and are super tanks (but they are only good with end game gear!)
luuisx wrote:
Also would like to know about the storm brand/storm arm, should i really keep it at lvl 1? Why?

We don't use it for damage, only to proc Elemental Equilibrium, so might as well keep it at level 1 so it takes less mana to cast. And on that subject, you said earlier that you are using Scale of Esh - if that's the case, then DONT use storm brand, instead use Armageddon brand. Read the description for Elemental Equilibrium and you should hopefully understand why.
with the pure spectre build.. we cant do phys and elem reflect maps??

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