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acdsee4 wrote:
d3viant6 wrote:
acdsee4 wrote:
is there any way to proc arakaali after immortal call rip in this build?

why not old standard blood rage way?

Also, build is still super viable, my standard char is down to delve 450 and rolls T16 elder maps all day long. Had to change up a few things but she's a beast. Check my std char if you want

to proc aralaali and benefit the 50% regen leech rate you have to stop taking damage so we used to proc blood rage (degen with phys dmg) and then immortal call gives us immunity to phys dmg for a short time but immortal call after nerf doesnt give us immunity to phys dmg anymore just 30% phys ele dmg reduction so it doesnt stop blood rage degen and arakkali cant proc. blood rage+immortal call-arakaali setup is dead as we used to know it.so i ask if someone knows another way to proc arakaali.

only (decent) way is RF+douse flask, pretty much RIP that pantheon

First of all i would like to say am took a little long break and now trying to remember back whats what lol, so if someone gave advance to me please go easy on me

i feel i am doing much less over all dps than before in maps not sure why though, also i dunno how to calc my actual DPS not the white one written on the skill because that seem to be very low 61k! Only.. any advice to improve would be greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance <3
My character gear, items and gems
Even if some skills for EH are nerfed, it seems this skill is still very very strong. Its just not OP . I will follow this build.

Can we expect the crit version that you've talked about in your 3.9 vid?
Hey, Im having trouble with single target.
Although I am only level 78 atm, I am able to oneshot T14 mobs, but I struggle with T5 bosses. Even uberlab was nearly impossible to solo.

Anyone got suggestions on how to improve my build?


I am currently trying to upgrade my belt and balance resistances for wise oak (which is why I am not using it in the pob). Also trying to craft the 2nd +3 bow for clearing, but I have a +3 for single target.
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There is changes is life leech? I was not playing for several leagues, now i'm back and my shots drain my hp and i have no healing shots.
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Hey there. Got a question about Mortal Conviction and Skitterbots Aura. Don't know if this is new as of the last time this build guide was updated, but Mortal Conviction states "Non-Banner, Non-Mine Auras no longer reserve Mana," and Skitterbots is tagged as a Mine skill, which results in it still reserving our Max Health. Any suggestion as to what to do about this? Just deal with the reduced health? Switch out Skitterbots for a different aura? What aura would you pick, if not Skitterbots?
hello there this is my pastebin https://pastebin.com/Q8E0NbMY can u please check and tell me im going wrong somewher

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