[3.12] Elemental Hit Ascendant [All Content]

coming back to poe, gonna play some STD - where should i go from here?

had this bow from a few leagues back

hello Guys, i did some practice runs (only the 3 first acts).

the leveling is a pain in the ass, as a bos, i tried first split arrow then at 12 transit to RoA or Toxic rain, i also got war banner but it was fail, 1 hour per act.... (usaly 30 min or less). specially BRUTUS AND MERVEIL, i feel like i have to hit them over 100 times.

i tried to lvl up with Frost blade (because it is almost the same Passive tree) it was a bit more dps but still bad (saved about 10 min per act)

if anyone have an idea how to level up fast and with enough dps that will be great.

P.S. in each run i got at least 1 3-Link and ru"nn"er boots.
What do you recommend leveling with until we get the Combat Focus jewel?

Also, is Pathfinder still the best Ascendancy to pick after Slayer?
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Just as a warning - the skill tree posted on his original post right now hasn't been optimized for 3.10. Read the 3.9 changelogs, he hasn't updated this build for around 2 leagues. So be ware if you're relatively new or want to try out this build as the PoB link and gear setups are relatively outdated and untested for the new Atlas.

Still would love to see this build updated though - always wanted to try out Elemental Hit.

Trying this build out and my optimal single target shaper dps in PoB is coming out to less than 300k. Send help? That is my imported character and gear, and I'm not sure what to fix.

Even when I used his POB link from the guide it doesnt hit 300k shaper dps.
i followed your build. got all the stuff. damage is 2700. wtf?

What to do, what to do?
in what world this build does any damage !?
Or POB is bug with your build or it just doesnt work i can barely see less than 100k damage on POB with your build and im a bit use to POB now, ele hit isnt some weird stacking dps build like poison or explosive arrow so less than 100k barely kill white trash in atlas !

Summon Skitterbots doesn't work with Mortal Conviction. What should I use instead?

Thank you very much!

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