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this thread needs a new writer. i mean the last update is a long time ago

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I am working on making a new Scion compendium tread, might take a day or two to gather all the builds that are missing, already sent a PM to Tzikk, don’t know if he still active or not, ether way expect a new tread to appear in the next few days, it will ether replace his, or be merged we will see how it goes depending on what he says.

In the meantime if you have a guide that you feel should be added to the Scion compendium feel free to PM me, be advised only guides will be added, no matter how good they are, a simple skill tree or a ling to an uber toon that in unkillable won’t do unless it has a proper guide behind it.

the new list is here

new builds will be added during this week since for now is just the old ones that were updated to 3.5
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