[Xbox One] The Incursion Supporter Packs End This Week

Just a quick update for our Xbox One community: the Incursion Supporter Packs on Xbox One will be replaced with the new Supporter Packs this Thursday (9 August US time) shortly after the announcement of the new expansion and its challenge league.
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Ecks bocks
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"but i tell u its just fo' try, fo' peep n' fo' know"
Okie dokie!
Wow, I wish I could have my xbox supporter packs displayed just how these people above me can display their pc supporter packs.

Wow, imagine?!?!?!?!?

Hey peeps, it's a me, rangerDanger.
I thought the New League Details were getting released Friday! It's an early Christmas!!!
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I understood the Incursion Supporter Packs were supposed to be available a bit longer on XBox. But ok. Never mind.
Looking forward to see the new Supporter Packs though.
Oh well, ended and ended. Incursion Supporter packs are still available. But you need to buy them from the Xbox Store game page.
cooll! Can’t wait for the next big supporter packs!!
cooll! Can’t wait for the next big supporter packs!!

What you mean with the next BIG Supporter Packs?

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