When is Incursion Being Added to the Core Game?

Trash rooms are fine, if and only if you give the players the option to continue working on the temple. Then the punishment is a wasted upgrade chance, rather than borking the entire temple. You can easily adjust the frequency with which certain rooms occur in order to keep this balanced.

The biggest advantage of doing it this way is you give players an increased sense of agency (the lack of which was one of the biggest complaints about this league) while simultaneously introducing an opportunity cost (fewer temples to run). You'd also decrease the number of "This feels bad, man--fuck GGG and their insistence on RNG-everything!" posts in the forums.

lambanog wrote:
I think GGG should work to reduce lag in incursion temples. Why can't GGG just fix these? Do people
need to upgrade to high end computers to enjoy these incursion perks? Or they can just use this money
to pay for microtransactions?

My 4670k/GTX980/16gigsCorsair/SSD are not enough to prevent laggy incursions, so the problem is not (just) your computer.
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not in september ????????
that + all the slowering mechanics includes in Delve are wrong .
begin to get realy bored with all those lowball dev decisions.....

great ideas but always feared to exploit them to the max , that's the GGG philosophy ,i guess.... pfffff

but include it in core game is a good decision.
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Just add unique socketable currency which will be rare and providing us with most of temple bonuses.
Thats like few hours of work.
incursion is great, missed a week, played alot with friends who don't make it to endgame, still haven't unlocked all t3 temple rooms and only corrupted a poets pen to white sockets, zana still level 7, didn't make it to guardians, but playing it was fun.

temples gave a huge push to progression, the appearance after 11 maps was just right.
some of those rares in the temple gave me the old ggg feeling of having dangerous enemies ;) boses there were rather underwhelming, i'd rather expected having to beat the boss to be able to use the devices.

thank you for the free entertainment, ggg folks.

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YES. My teammates tried to convince me, that this will end as the new unique map. I am happy to have it in 3.5 and hope for new excited rooms. (Azurite/Sulphurite rooms - I think delve will also be maingame)
Excellent, kind gentlemen.

As long as you remove the "#¤%"#%¤!! timer on the incursions I happy with having it as a part of the core game. Nothing possitive comes from that timer.
I've stopped engaging in the incursions 6 weeks ago due to that timer, and I sure wont engage in them in the future without that change.

The rest of the league mechanics is just fine.
Logical, looking forward to it.
Mirror drop at t8 pier in legacy league :>
Second Mirror drop at t16 promenade in delirium league :▲

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