When is Incursion Being Added to the Core Game?

Thank you, I am very pleased!
Qarl wrote:
Due to the league being such a success, we have worked out a plan to add it to the core game. This will be included in December's 3.5.0 update, not in the September Delve release.

I guess Delve is the last league I play, if I even play that. Incursion should not be added to the core game. No fucking way.
This is actually a dealbreaker. Sorry GGG.
unlucky_child wrote:
I said it every league. DONT ADD EVERY LEAGUE INTO THE CORE!

Blizzard Inc.

See ?!

That's how u made an ARPG game

There's no limit to Path of Exile
Knowledge is power. Guard it well ,Blood Ravens.
Great news we'll get incursions added to the core game, possibly even improved. :)

And please, PLEASE, find a way to add harbingers too. Events like this always remind me how much I miss them in regular leagues. Getting them on Zana 7 or 8 is not a solution. Harbinger Orbs being rare as they are now don't affect map prices, and Horizon Orbs make sense only if you get them *before* you finish unlocking the Atlas.
You have to add incursion to the core. Dont listen to morons. Many people play only perma leagues. Plz dont forget to add incursion :)
I enjoyed incursion, even though I was playing a summoner, so getting doors open in time could be a challenge.

Two things that grated though.
#1 was the mechanic for randomly distributing rooms via incursion. You know those two rooms you upgraded to tier III? Yeah, they're not connected to anything, ha ha. Also run to that side of the temple, then run back, then run to the other side, then go down, then run back to go up ... the layouts were usually weirdly non-linear
#2 was the wimpy boss. Low difficulty, low reward. I expected more to be honest: I was psyched for the first fight with the Omnitect, and my reaction afterwards was ... was that it? Really?

My suggestion to solve both problems under #1 would be to have your first incursion of the temple be the entry room. Once you have opened up one or more rooms from there, let players *choose* which of the rooms connected to the entry point they do for an incursion. The mechanics can stay the same (even though I don't love that timer) but at least that would let you try to build a layout that is a) always connected and b) give you some choice which rooms you incorporated into your layout and c) eliminate weird, non-linear layouts.

My suggestion for #2 is just to upgrade the damage done by the boss' attacks and let it have a chance to drop vials as well as his unique drops (much the same way Atziri can drop fragments alongside her unique). This would not be overpowered, since most of what the omnitect drops is junk anyway - I got sooooo many of those flasks .....
good news ! delve seems to be a great league.
What about flash back events you are pretty funny to play ?
Looking forward to this being tied to level 10 Zana for 10c per map.
waoo ty ggg... very happy to see that soon good luck with work...

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