When is Incursion Being Added to the Core Game?

Good league

Please don't make bosses unplayable for 90% of HC players
I absolutely support this decision. Amazing league. No serious criticism to offer.
Hemmingfish wrote:
shoju wrote:
I know that I had one early on in mapping.

It might have been from an "Old" map, that I had sitting in the stash, though.

If they don't spawn in maps, they should. It's not like they were nearly as hard now as they were when they originally came out.

They don't spawn in maps, and never have. It was one of the main complaints about sacrifice of the vaal.

I guess I could be wrong, but I was fairly confident it did happen. Well, lets add them. Please.
Frankly though, their rewards were never really impressive, and there's been tons of other ways to get Vaal gems and sacrifice fragments anyway.
I would much rather see the unreleased Delve added than this garbage. Who needs another master with no hideout option and an entire system based around worthless, time wasting drops.
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I can't f***ing believe that you add this league to the core, when you have totally dismised a lot more amazing leagues than this or just added them as Jana mod...
Really guys. I don't know who the hell has been advising you about which leagues to keep and which ones to forget, but you better fire him or her asap or this glorious game is in danger...
Could not agree more. Even Delve looks better and should be added first over this nonsense, and i have only seen previews :) If they have to lower the amount already added or being added to make "league mechanics" fit in the core game than they need to pick and choose wisely.
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So it will be an 10% chance that Alva will appear on map? Or how exactly will you move it to Core?
thanks for not just dumping it into the core game
League was great, I full support adding it to the core game.

The decision to hold off until December to add it to fine tune things is a great one also.

If I may give a few suggestions, my apologies if they have already been said but honestly I can't read through 20 pages of posts.

1. Find a way to remove some RNG from the room upgrades, or at least find a way to be able to manipulate the choices similar to the atlas. For example as of right now rooms become available for upgrade even when they are locked, if a simple change was made to only allow rooms to be upgraded when they have been unlocked, it would be possible to rush an unlock and then freeze the rooms until you have upgraded the one you want with the smallest amount of RNG possible.

2. It has been said in the main post but the boss of the temple is very anti-climatic. Alot of the mobs within the temple in high tiers pose more of a threat then the boss, and the upgraded rooms offer more of an appeal also. In my opinion the main boss should continue to grow stronger as you clear more of the temple, with a full clear of each room adding new items to the bosses potential drop pool. Ie if you full clear t3 corruption room, boss has a chance of dropping a double corrupted unique.. something along those lines.

3. Remove the additional mods that you added for the league from the drop pool, they were a nice bonus to a temp league but if allowed to continue into standard with all the currency available in that league it wont be long before every single one of those pieces replaces old mirror tier gear. This has already been done recently with shaper and elder items and I believe it is getting a little out of control. One of the big things I like in path of exile was that items had longevity compared to games like world of warcraft which is constantly bringing out superior items making the old items become obsolete. Please do not follow this same path in an attempt to fill a void in end-game content.

That is all, keep up the good work and I look forward to delve :D
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