[3.12] Hybrid's Molten Strike Jugg - Hold right click to TANK anything |MELT the Atlas|Divine Flesh|

Hey Hybrid is it "wrong" if I take Avatar of Fire in tree? Since I don't have amulet yet...
So i had a bit of my free time and decided to make cheat-sheet for this build:
(if i did everything correctly, you can copy it to your Google Docks, but cant edit this "original")

Simple to use, a couple of options for items (regular, highroll, endgame corruption, etc.) and straight links to the https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Betrayal, even with pictures! Woah!

Also, included gems, jewels and flasks. Basicaly, all you can and need to buy, even wrote on gems needed quality (some gems benefit, some dont).

Well, you can see it all yourself, enjoy!

i hope it wont increase item prices, cuz if it will i will regret some life decisions :D
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Wow Thanks a lot for this.

Nice work!
The cheat-sheet is great, thanks a ton !
"+15 life gained for each enemy hit by your spells"

Does this work for our molten ballz?
Currently using Beltimber. Is the Grelwood that much of an upgrade over it? I have some currency saved and should I go with the Grelwood-Helmet_Kaom's in that order?

Just want to prioritize correctly.
How do you feel about using scaeva dual weild with G-shank.

I corruped one with 1 of each socket and 20% increased area of effect.
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I want to level this up from scratch with little currency, i see the body armour is worth alot.. is there any alternatives i could use for the very expensive pieces of gear? (Im fairly new to PoE... but this build looks amazingly fun)i have about 150chaos and 1 ex.. would this be enough to start this build out?
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I'd just like to say a big thanks for this build. I just hit 100 in Betrayal despite working a full time job (and starting my jugg 5 days into the league). This build is pure gold.

Maybe next league I'll go for rank 1 jugg instead of pleb rank 2 :)

Thank you again.
Really loving this build.
Been playing casually since beta and coming back a little from time to time, but never took the deep plunge until now, which I'm not regretting! I still have a long way to go in regards of gear and knowledge of the endgame, but I'm enjoying the journey.

Kudos to the original author for the greatly informative guide!
And thanks Yokzjumper for the very handy excel-document.

I've got one question regarding the level of gems though... Is there any reason *not* to level your gems up to 20?
Or rather... which gems should be what level? x)

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