[3.9] Cyclone Summoner - Heralds of Agony and Purity, Summon Holy Relic - League starter

jubsey wrote:
when delving, my mana keeps dropping off and i stop cycloning.. any tips.. ?


You really need the mana gained on hit from a Gemini Claw. I' suggest buying the base and alt-crafting for the Life Gained against blinded affix if you cannot buy one. You can also use a Twin claw, but that won't be as much Life Gain on Hit from the implicit.
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Hey system - did you stop playing the build? Seems like you're playing a different build now and didn't take the initial character beyond 83? Did you run into problems delving, etc? Also, any updates from your friend running a similar build?
All that and a bag of chips!
Mooginator wrote:
Hey system - did you stop playing the build? Seems like you're playing a different build now and didn't take the initial character beyond 83? Did you run into problems delving, etc? Also, any updates from your friend running a similar build?

Hey, I haven't stopped playing the build at all! Sadly, my internet went out over the weekend for 26 hours... Since then, I've been spending a lot of time creating content for this guide and answering questions :)

I haven't run into problems with any content so far (guardians/shaper/delve), and I cannot wait for the delve changes so I can jump about 100 levels and start to push the build further.

Do you have any specific questions?
I tried to buy a Claw for this build yesterday until I realized how expensive they are^^ So I tried to craft my own....
After several Alt's I decided to Chaos slam and after 40c this was the result:

this was the first with the desired mod.
Does is make sense to annul a suffix to be able to craft attackspeed on it?

And why don't we us Vaal Haste instead of Hatred?

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Oooh nice one! Please keep us updated on your build and progress in an SSF environment without Coming Calamity. It will be interesting as I thought Coming Calamity to be the item which enables the build with use of two heralds.

What skills/links are you going with?
Sure thing. I'll use spoiler boxes since my SSF build lacks the build-defining requirements.

The big difference for SSF is obviously the chest. The build guide uses a unique that enables more DPS via a +2 Heralds but also Essence Worm for a free Hatred. So since I'm using a rare chest without Essence Worm, I should, in theory, be tankier but with less DPS.
So far my DPS actually seems fine. I'm clearing T13's with ease...more safely than before (Dom Blow) and with similar clearspeed. I'm not clearing Delves as fast as I'd like and there are always some annoying straggler monsters in maps so I am still interested in boosting my DPS and trash-clearing. I think my options are: 1) Curse On Hit either in Shield Charge or make Cyclone my 5-link somehow 2) Haemophilia gloves dropped for me so I wonder if adding some bleed would be nice to pop packs 3) HoPurities maybe could be fine as a 3-link thus opening up room to boost another skill 4) Holy Relics seem to do the most work so I can likely optimize their setup (I saw in another thread 'Geofri's Relics' that someone reported better luck with Relics by using Added Damage support gems).

Took about 40c to craft decent gloves and now I'm nearly out of chaos for when I finally get an Elder Gemini drop.

I feel like I'm wasting charges form the Ascendency. RT invalidates Power Charges, Frenzy doesn't matter since I'm not the DPS mechanic, so all I get is Endurance Charges. Really wish our Ascendency would share charges with Allies instead of Party Members. If I can't think of something to do with these wasted charges then I'll likely go back to Time Of Need.

Still need optimize lots of things like Pantheon and flasks from the previous build.

Other gear:
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Why not use this
for guaranteed blind and get more minion dmg or atk speed on jewels ?
HEY MAN the minion speed on your ring and amulet how MUCH IMPORTANT it is ??

also ITS REALLY amazing how much damage agony and purity can do whit almost no investment
Im rly enjoying your build at the moment, did many T15 maps and a chimera without problems.
Someone in the thread said his Agony minion isnt doing anything, but my experience with it is 100% the opposite, this Spider thing hits like a truck and destroys everything it sees.

Im also currently trying to craft a Gemini claw with the Bound Fossil to get high minion damage together with the life on hit on it, looks like the best endgame option for the weapon slot.
Really enjoying ths build so far. I only have around 16 hours /played on him and just killed Chimera. This was without helmet enchant and a 5L chest. Never been progressing with a character so fast. Ever. My gems arent even level 20 yet haha.

I think I'll do a lot of testing with this build. I would really love to somehow make The Dancing Duo viable with this build, but I have no idea how to sustain life and frenzy charges to minions in doing so.

You can go to my profile and check the character "Forkaalet" if you want to!

I'll keep you guys updated if I figure something out! :)

Has anyone tried the Agony Crawler with GMP and Faster Attacks? Maybe Blood Magic, too.

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