[3.9] Cyclone Summoner - Heralds of Agony and Purity, Summon Holy Relic - League starter

tainium wrote:
Oooh nice one! Please keep us updated on your build and progress in an SSF environment without Coming Calamity. It will be interesting as I thought Coming Calamity to be the item which enables the build with use of two heralds.

What skills/links are you going with?
Sure thing. I'll use spoiler boxes since my SSF build lacks the build-defining requirements.

The big difference for SSF is obviously the chest. The build guide uses a unique that enables more DPS via a +2 Heralds but also Essence Worm for a free Hatred. So since I'm using a rare chest without Essence Worm, I should, in theory, be tankier but with less DPS.
So far my DPS actually seems fine. I'm clearing T13's with ease...more safely than before (Dom Blow) and with similar clearspeed. I'm not clearing Delves as fast as I'd like and there are always some annoying straggler monsters in maps so I am still interested in boosting my DPS and trash-clearing. I think my options are: 1) Curse On Hit either in Shield Charge or make Cyclone my 5-link somehow 2) Haemophilia gloves dropped for me so I wonder if adding some bleed would be nice to pop packs 3) HoPurities maybe could be fine as a 3-link thus opening up room to boost another skill 4) Holy Relics seem to do the most work so I can likely optimize their setup (I saw in another thread 'Geofri's Relics' that someone reported better luck with Relics by using Added Damage support gems).

Took about 40c to craft decent gloves and now I'm nearly out of chaos for when I finally get an Elder Gemini drop.

I feel like I'm wasting charges form the Ascendency. RT invalidates Power Charges, Frenzy doesn't matter since I'm not the DPS mechanic, so all I get is Endurance Charges. Really wish our Ascendency would share charges with Allies instead of Party Members. If I can't think of something to do with these wasted charges then I'll likely go back to Time Of Need.

Still need optimize lots of things like Pantheon and flasks from the previous build.

Other gear:

Thanks for your thoughts and learnings - please continue updating us on your progress! Later on in the league I may investigate adding an SSF section to the main guide.
Why not use this
for guaranteed blind and get more minion dmg or atk speed on jewels ?

Using a magic Stibnite flask would be better than Witchfire Brew, but yes that's certainly an option! You can also get more minion damage on jewels yeah - unfortunately, they're very expensive right now.

The guide is meant to be, well, a guide - please tinker around with different additions as you like!
ieyazu wrote:
HEY MAN the minion speed on your ring and amulet how MUCH IMPORTANT it is ??

also ITS REALLY amazing how much damage agony and purity can do whit almost no investment

Hey, minion speed isn't critical, but it puts in some work for sure. You should be able to buy minion speed jewelry pretty cheaply or try crafting on your own! I'd recommend using Screaming Essence of Fear or better. In the meantime, you can just use regular jewelry.

As you say, the build does work on low investment :D
BloodyAgent wrote:
Im rly enjoying your build at the moment, did many T15 maps and a chimera without problems.
Someone in the thread said his Agony minion isnt doing anything, but my experience with it is 100% the opposite, this Spider thing hits like a truck and destroys everything it sees.

Im also currently trying to craft a Gemini claw with the Bound Fossil to get high minion damage together with the life on hit on it, looks like the best endgame option for the weapon slot.

Hey, thanks for contributing your experience! It's also my experience that Agony Crawler does heavy lifting for us, but seeing as the build is so new, I'm willing to be open to all ideas.

Best of luck with the Claw crafting! That would be an insane addition if you could get it :)
Kasilopana wrote:
Really enjoying ths build so far. I only have around 16 hours /played on him and just killed Chimera. This was without helmet enchant and a 5L chest. Never been progressing with a character so fast. Ever. My gems arent even level 20 yet haha.

I think I'll do a lot of testing with this build. I would really love to somehow make The Dancing Duo viable with this build, but I have no idea how to sustain life and frenzy charges to minions in doing so.

You can go to my profile and check the character "Forkaalet" if you want to!

I'll keep you guys updated if I figure something out! :)

I'm glad you're enjoying the build so far! Please go ahead and do a bunch of testing and let us know the results. Seeing as this build is so new, I'm open to any feedback on other versions or how to improve it. Regarding the life and frenzy charge sustain, you're right on the money - it will be quite hard I think. You'll also need to find a way to sustain the mana.

Best of luck!
tainium wrote:
Has anyone tried the Agony Crawler with GMP and Faster Attacks? Maybe Blood Magic, too.

I don't think GMP is good, given Agony Crawler already gets extra projectiles (I haven't had any issues here).

Faster attacks may be considerable, but with 40 virulence stacks 120% increased attack speed already.

Blood Magic could be interesting in some kind of low-life variant for sure, but I'm unsure what that would look like.
Blood Magic could be interesting in some kind of low-life variant for sure, but I'm unsure what that would look like.
Ugh that was a bad suggestion on my part. I meant a Blood Magic gem linked to the Herald because some minions (spectres) have inherent mana limitations and can be boosted with Blood Magic on them. But of course the Herald itself would be Blood Magic in this case :(
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This build is ... amazing. Completed the story in <8 hours and Eternal lab at L79 (cake). One of the most fun (and powerful) builds I've played in PoE. Granted I'm only L81 (just created the character last night) I look forward to seeing how it performs with DEEP delves and such.

For those who are interested (and if the author wants to adjust the leveling section) below are my notes on how I leveled (including the order of nodes). Worked beautifully - and yes, this build ROCKS as a league starter.

The one thing I'd be interested in is adjustments to min/max... Would love to see a new PoB posted with the "best of everything" for the build - but given it did shaper at L82 without eternal lab - that's awesome. And once you get Eternal lab, it's amazing!

Just stay away from the 1-shot bosses like Atoll or Plateau - there's so much on the screen going on you can't see the boss 1-shot attack "notifiers".


1: 2x Brightbeak
1: Goldrim
1: Lochtonial
1: Wanderlust
1: Tabula
1: Sidhebreath
10: 2x Princess
16: Perandus Blazon
22: Praxis

1: Smite
4: Smite+AC+Lesser Poison

1: Spiritual Command
2: RIghteous Decree
3: Spiritual Aid
4: Constitution
5: Gravepact
6: Resolute Technique
7: Barbarism
8: Berserking
9: Heart of the Warrior
10: Master of the Arena
11: Art of the Gladiator
12: Golem's Blood
13: Quick Recovery
14: Tireless

Helm: Cyc+Fort+Poi+LGoH
Boots: Relic+MinDam+MinLif+CD
Gloves: HoP+MinDam+Ruth
Chest: HoA+MinDam+SPhan+Pierce

Use Bismuth Flask at beginning
L38: Resist Amulet, Shield
Take 1 +30 Dex Node, 1 +30 Int node (refund later)
All that and a bag of chips!
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I'm using this amazing build now. I added a elder warlord's mark ring, +1 curse amulet, and 2, possibly 3 more endurance charges. Facetanks the planet. Using this setup also adds a ton of mana leech as well, makes not having a good gemini claw a lot better and adds a LOT of tankiness with pretty much perma end charges/IC. I may remove enfeeble all together and put in vulnerability, or increased duration to add to the already insane IC procs with that many constantly refreshing charges.
I'm considering a downgrade on Herald of Purity to 3L or removing it altogether. The skill has several effects but the only one that we actually use is "20% chance to Summon a Sentinel of Purity when you Hit a Unique Enemy". Is that worth half our mana pool? If it were an Aura that added damage to our Minions then I'd say to keep it. Alternatively, we could try something to earn more of credit for kills while clearing so that they are at least active more often.

Effects we use
Maximum 4 Summoned Sentinels of Purity
20% chance to Summon a Sentinel of Purity when you Hit a Unique Enemy

Effects we waste
Adds (3-25) to (5-37) Physical Damage to Spells
Adds (3-25) to (5-37) Physical Damage to Attacks
Summon a Sentinel of Purity when you Kill an Enemy

Holy Relics, OTOH, feel like the real heavy-lifters to me. If they die while you're Cycloning then you can actually detect a distinct drop in DPS. The Crawler is also great but a bit slow and I think it might be better to link it specifically for large AOE clearing (more projectiles? Chain?) or to increase its attack speed.
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