Delve Costing Changes

I guess some folks are not happy, but I am thrilled. I was dreading the huge sulfite spike at ilevel 83ish since I have never been able to chain maps above 12 to 13 if that.

Frankly, it is my opinion that the "uproar" is from the elite players who thought that they could monopolize Delve while the rest of us remained at depth 250-300.
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No point in complaining about this league anymore.

It's obvious they want your ass in maps grinding that sulphite.

Damn shame too, Delve was pretty fun.
Nice. I'm glad even though i'm not high-lvl now.
To be perfectly honest, I've never enjoyed maps and merely tolerate them as a means-to-an-end. When Delve league was announced, I was VERY excited at the thought of delving instead mapping. However, I failed to account for GGG wanting to, in effect, force players to map.

I tried to take the GGG path-to-sulphite but only managed to sustain T6 maps. The occasional T7, T8 or even T9 drops but these are very rare and so exp and gear progression is slow and unmotivating.

I can't help thinking that this current situation could have been avoided if the broader player base was considered. The data analysis sounds like a fairly effective way to base game changes on but maybe the scope of the data needs to be widened? Perhaps include offline information as well as live and account for SSF as well as trade.
Hi, I'm just a casual player and still far behind grinding maps for sulphite. Thus maybe a little out of the scope but here is my thinking.

According to the POE wiki, "Niko the Mad is an NPC who guides players in exploring the Azurite Mine".
He's got a pickaxe, constructed the Crawler, and he even digs for you at deeper levels during your own leveling.

Then, why do we encounter Niko in the main game and never in the Delve ??? To my mind it would be more logical and much more enjoyable to meet him in the depths so that it could give me sulphites and sell me flares and dynamites while I'm progressing further without having to constantly teleport outside.
Also, it would solve the problem of having to grind maps for getting sulphite.
jables wrote:
walentaz wrote:
Are you people blind or stupid? This upcoming "fix" will change jack shit basically. It will only reduce gap a little in lower tier maps, but only 100% quantity T16 will barely match pre-patch.

At this point, I'm not sure if people are more stupid than GGG is incompetent or other way around.

Last week's manifesto was met with huge praise - patch comes out and we have massive shitstorm. Now it seems we have the same, fix comes out and we'll have another shitstorm, because this fixes absolute jackshit.

Last week's manifesto only met with praise because people didn't understand what GGG was saying. Some people saw this coming since that manifesto was posted. I see the same thing for this one.

Also, content difficulty should be gated by strength of you character/build, no by some absurd grind (delve) or rng (maps). The most boring shit in this game is doing a content that is to easy for your character. I wonder how many years GGG needs to realize this. These kind of games were always about grind for gear to access harder content, but here - even if you grinded the gear, you still need high tier challenging maps to then grind those maps to access challenging delve depth...
Alot of stuff would be fixed by making getting maps doable. Even if you just increase the amount of maps you get from equivalent delves.
Oh well. I'll likely buy the stuff for 24 challenges (the ones not reliant on the mine...), then I'm off until 4.0.

I love the idea of Delve, but I don't want to just sustain the elder blob forever and only get a few delves in every 20 maps. :/

That said, I do commend you for the quick action to rectify the worst mishaps. At this point, there's a disconnect between the actual philosophy behind Delve and its availability and me - so that's the only reason I do hop off.

I look forward to the next one. ^^
GGG, you give us a league with an infinite dungeon mechanic, then you don't allow us to freely explore it.

Its like your putting a carrot in front of us and asking us to chase it with the ability to never catch it.

Commit. If you are going to give us an 'infinite dungeon' then allow us to actually run it infinitely.
Can you please fix the server lag problems, i lost an Oba's map the other that because of DC from the server, and when trading it happens a lot that people get DC'd when entering a Hideout.

Please put that on top of your priorities, the delve thing is cool and all, but quite pointless if the game can't be played

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