Delve Costing Changes

JoeShmo wrote:
The longest delves are not the most profitable, because you can't vendor or carry back with you all of the loot that drops from larger delves. You're output, outside of getting high value currency drops ( if it happens ) will always be exactly the same no matter which delve you choose ( short, medium, long, stupidly long ) because your inventory space is finite ..and you can't vendor or stash items at the crawler.

This is like taking away stash access in the lab ...and then saying that the higher difficulties are more profitable ...despite not being able to carry the extra loot from larger and larger labs because you have no access to the stash. Seeing items drop on the ground is not wealth, being able to actually use those items to make money is wealth.

You can't do that if you have to leave it all on the ground.
You can access the stash and sell items infinitely, unless you get a disconnect or misclick, just switch back and forth between the mine entrance and the current delve. (Button on the top left in the Subterranean chart.)

It has been like this since the beginning.
codari1 wrote:
GGG becoming something that you love to hate.

They screwed up big time with this %25 shit,
but man they listened the community and fix it in less than 8 hours,
this is a company i want to spend my cash for.

Thank you

They don't fix it. They break it further. It still two time worse than pre-patch.
Organic chemistry is a weird thing. If you add a spoon of shit to a barrel of jam you'll get a barrel of shit.
I was really looking forward to Delve, as the premise sounded really good. Infinite dungeon, great!
Then you realise that you have to jump through loads of hoops to make delving feel worth it at all.

The implementation style is far more disruptive than Incursion and felt far less rewarding. Plus with the inclusion of the net mechanic from Bestiary, which was awful!
As for the Azurite, I quickly felt I was simply playing to feed a machine, not for the fun of it. Upgrade flares, upgrade dynamite, upgrade fuel capacity, upgrade darkness resistance... the list felt endless. And I found chasing negative resistance numbers, just to survive, demoralising.
No, I don't want 'easy mode', before some troll shouts at me, but is it too much to ask for a game to anymore?

Honestly, I actually stopped playing Delve after 4 or so days and went back to Standard, which felt odd after playing exclusively league for all of Incursion and Bestiary. In fact I took a break of about a week from POE altogether, and it's only because I couldn't find anything that piqued my interest sufficiently that I grudgingly came back.

After seeing all the patch notes popping up, I feel I made the right choice in abandoning Delve. I doubt I'll be coming back to Delve at all.

I wonder, Was Delved rushed out simply to meet the league deadline? And have you fired your entire QA dept? I pose the questions because not a great deal seems to have been ready for launch, and frankly some of the patch notes have been straight up embarrassing.

Honestly, I'm becoming rapidly disillusioned with the game.
Who the fuck cares, lol.

It's still a league only good for blue collar workers.

Only dudes willing to do repetitive shit just to sustain doing repetitive shit.


(oh and don't get me started on Reddit naz*s hiding / deleting posts when there's a problem lol.)
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Mischief67 wrote:
Who the fuck cares, lol.

It's still a league only good for blue collar workers.

Only dudes willing to do repetitive shit just to sustain doing repetitive shit.


(oh and don't get me started on Reddit naz*s hiding / deleting posts when there's a problem lol.)
may i point you to the name of the company?
Been playing all day and I hate where The Delve is at.

Incredible how this went from a great league with a great new mechanic to "might as well play in Standard" league.

GGG, I love you guys, but honestly your thinking is stale and repetitive. You don't have to gate The Delve behind high-level red tier maps in the same way you put interweave other new league mechanics into maps. The Delve already has its own gating - increasing difficulty - no need to add another gating (red-tier maps) on top of that.

Very sad to see this league go up in flames - and by choice no less.

See you in December.
GGG, pls, begin TEST your releases before release. What are u doing doesn't works fine.
Мелавий - это фейк.
Chris wrote:
... if you can't sustain Tier 16 maps, you will have a vastly different amount of Sulphite than someone who can.

It's currenly imposible to sustain top tier map drops, why can't you just fix that instead.

Still love you guys keep the good work up!
Feels like GGG wont see us in delve..
EustaceCS wrote:
Chris wrote:
... and this means that if you can't sustain Tier 16 maps, ... the difference between someone sustaining Tier 16 maps ... The best way to gain sulphite is still Tier 16 maps ... maps are a lot more rewarding than non-maps

Holy shit, I can't even reach Maps (not mentioning sustaining any) alone because of roadblock named Kitava and necessity to either pick mainstream build + invest into gear or to waste a week to become less decently geared + overleveled while having character build I actually enjoy, without paying anything to shady dealers of sorts, because of it.
Sustaining T16 mars?
Are you serious?
Is this an advertisement of Ex Orb sellers or what?
What am I supposed to do with this... information?
If I can't sustain T16 maps - should I uninstall + wank off? Do this Manifesto mean it or what?
i'll be honest. i dont' know if your character is just a straight troll or if that is a legitimate attempt. please tell me so i can either try to help you, or if it's a troll, then i can just fuck right off and get back to doing anything else. Kitava is honestly not a hard fight, other than hitting like a train with his huge windup attacks.
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