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Delve Costing Changes


i am a filthy casual myself, with 4k hours over the years, never did uber atziri or uber elder, shaper i won 2 times i guess.

My idea of what ggg wants is: full perties. Thats a gain in the droprate, and with some aura bots, you can survive the more rare maps, which leads to more map drops. alone i never could sustain t13+
so, my conclusion is lots of casual get excluded because of the different playing styles, most of the time the elite has the 200 movementspeed build, some headhunter belt (they want alot of rares in the very rare map) and also this kind of guys seeks currency only most of the time. By having the cool currency, they buy all the better stuff, and leave it very expensive, unreachable, for casuals. But thats not the big problem, the problem i see is: ppl with worse pc's cant run in big parties, they lagg to death.

eternalbeta wrote:
Since it seems like GGG actually takes the time to read a lot of responses, I'll go ahead and make one myself.

I've never been one to push end-game content because I've never liked the system of sustaining maps. I have close to 750 hours in the game and have never even killed Shaper. And you know what? I don't really have a desire to. I say this to say that people enjoy the game a lot of different ways. When Delve was first released, I was hooked. I made it into the 80s with two characters barely touching maps and was loving it.

However, after this recent patch I would have to agree with many other posters that if now suddenly feels like GGG is gating what many see as alternate post-story content behind existing post-story content. Like with maps, I have little desire to go deeper than 100-150 depth, but with current rates I need to run 2 maps of equal level for 1 short delve. It sounds like this next patch will make this even worse. It seems like people who are not pushing top tier content are being punished for wanting to play the game the way they enjoy it.

Also, call me crazy, but infinite mining of sulphite in a zone called Quarry kind of thematically made sense to me.

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