[3.10] OneShotKill Elemental Hit Ballista Hiero - 9.6 million DPS - EZ Boss Killer + budget friendly

My pob (950k dps) - https://pastebin.com/Xe9ABak8

I've put a lot of time and effort into my build so far, and ive started to reach the ceiling, both in terms of gear, and progress, i'm almost 94 now, and it's pretty much a glasscannon at this point.

The only dps gain i can still get is % damage on a kaoms, and the 120% crit enchant for the boots, and that puts me over 1mil dps in pob, it still feel weaks btw, but that's just because of the life scaling in 3.9, in any other league it would feel amazing lol.

I've started using enhance with bloodrage yesterday, and it's quite an amazing dps buff.

Something id like some feedback from is regarding is point blank on drillneck (will have to put piercing shots on necklace, instead of divine judgement), ive seen some guys use it, together with lioneye's, is it worth it?, ive done comparisons in pob, and on paper it seems it doesn't, but i'm quite unsure really.

Gear: about 25-30ex investment! aint exactly budget ;)

Ingame Dps Screenshot

Pob Dps Screenshot

check "is the enemy a boss? - Shaper/Guardian :)
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I just tried explosive arrow----not close to EH.

Also Winds of Change gloves are another good option for dps in this build.
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Hi , i'm playing this build but don't have a kaom's heart.
I'm trying different options to increase effects of elem.dmg . One i tried is CWT+Imm.Call+Wave of Conviction , do you think that way we can apply the Exposure -25% elem.resists to fire? I know that with Elem.Equilibrium appears an effect on feet of mobs, but with Wave of Convinc. there is something like that?

Over the weekend i've been progressing into t15-16 maps, awakening level 5-6, and i'm really struggling to stay alive now, with 30-40ex invested in this build, i just can't see how we can make it any tankier.

Getting to 94 was alrdy quite a challenge on this, from 92-94 doing t14+ maps it felt you could die at any moment, which happened quite often lol, i don't know really if it's worth going on with the struggle atm.

I might reroll, idk, how are others experiencing it?.
doing t14+ maps it felt you could die at any moment, which happened quite often lol

Feels same. The most pain in the ass is metamorphs. They die pretty long time so the chances of rip is increases.
I decided to finish this expedition. I tried the explosive arrow option. But came to the option that HOA can do much more with greater survival
a small demonstration of estuary 82 lvl
link to the original build in the description of the video
Tl;Dr - Build is a great starter and early delver. Does not kill bosses well and is squishy.
So I have been playing this build on and off for 3 leagues now since I love totems. It has always felt a tad squishy but this league seemed to really hit it hard. Not just by making us more squishy but making metamorphs so hard to kill. I've tried multiple unique bows and quivers. Crafted my own of both as well. Seemingly always coming back to what is roughly working for everyone.
I did kill Sirus level 4 with this build but it took me 4 attempts. Metamorphs are still a pain. I've also made an HoA Guardian and that survives but takes too long to kill anything T15+. I've spent most of my currency this league on a CoC ice nova build that is the fastest build I've ever played but still has this same survivability issue.
Elehit is a fantastic delve build now for around level 300 from what I've tested. A perfect starter that will get you to the endgame grinds as well since it is cheap and scales very quickly. I would not suggest this for bossing though. Totems will die with one good hit from anything and it takes 1 second for them to lock on before they fire after casting them. This becomes an issue when you're recasting them ever.5 seconds. I love this build and I am far from giving it up, I thought I would give everyone my opinion since I've played this build pretty extensively.
I am not sure where I went wrong but my damage is very lackluster even with the required gear.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
Hello, I´m new and I have a question:

Why is this in the bow socket?
1) Cast When Damage Taken on level 8 (quality grants faster casted trigger)

How is this work?
Hey M8te...
thanks for this guide :D
its the first Totem Build i ever played and i haven't had so much fun for months..
just for information i skilled a littlebit different maybe im wrong...but i get few 1000 dps more this way

i went for watchtowers (+1Totem) & Masterfletcher instead of Primeval Force & Lethality + for some fire penetration i annointed lava lash on amulett..
i also play with level 1 precision & watchers eye for some extra dps
anyway awesomeguide and very funny to play :D t15 metamorphs melting down very fast and im just level 85
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