Some More Delve Improvements

Well done.
Omg yes yes yes ty
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
Bartulitto wrote:
Leveled 3 chars beyond 85.
Almost entirely completed the Atlas.
Delved to 300+.
Month into league of quite active playing.
Most azurite upgrades completed.

Not even single boss met.

I know, you want RNG-unlucky players to never see precious uniques, I get it.
But do you really want RNG-unlucky players to be unable to experience the league content?

Yeah, you're a bit unlucky. With chars 95, 94 and 86 in SSF and max depth about 320, I completed all Boss I (Ahuatotli the Blind) challanges and I killed one Kurgal too. Never saw Aul, though, just a few Primeval chambers. Need to delve deeper for him.
Bex_GGG wrote:
Flare Capacity

Need this much.
Delving 5-10hours in a day since start of league with VD alcoholic, exploring and killing 100% of delve paths, and i see nothing in this month - NO keys, NO bosses, No 4-socket rezonators, NO rare fossils, NO rare bioms... fuck this 2nd bestiary.

Now im on 280+, moving horizontally, If i will not seeing new content in next weekend, quit would be the best choice till GGG implement changes to spawnrates or till flashback.
BTW. Some kind of SEARCH function on chart would be like omegawesome.
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I really want this to go core
Any news about stacking Delve currency (fossils and not equipped resonators)?
In Bestiary(less polished league I assume) it was possible, every net got max 100 stack…
Yeah the sulphite upgrade is nice and all but how long is this going to take to fill up 60 000 sulphite , doing t16 maps only gives around 1k depending on quantity , so are they expecting us to do 60 t16maps just to delve once? They should add an upgrade that allows us to upgrade the amount of sulphite we obtain, or atleast increase the amount we get.
infinite fossil farm still possible?

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