Some More Delve Improvements

For god's sake, GGG increase the map sulphite gain by at least 25%.
could you please reduce the amount of time it takes to gather sulphite this is really dumb... every other really popular games out there are completely about pvp like lol and fortnite and cs, etc. like i know this is a different game but could you give players to abilty to compete on the leaderboard out of skill rather than who can grind sulphite the most... this feels so bad
Who cares, now am I suppose to get back to delve to grind azurite to unlock more flares? Eh probably 5000azurite for one flare upgrade - no thanks, thats like 10hours of grinding..
It should return 80% of an MTX's current cost as points that can then be spent as I wish... not tossing something in and getting one of a thousand random results...
Yeah the sulphite upgrade is nice and all but how long is this going to take to fill up 60 000 sulphite , doing t16 maps only gives around 1k depending on quantity , so are they expecting us to do 60 t16maps just to delve once? They should add an upgrade that allows us to upgrade the amount of sulphite we obtain, or atleast increase the amount we get.

"60 T16 maps to delve once" What? 60 T16 maps gives youa round 60k sulphite. How many delve travels have you seen that costs 60k sulfite?
ktmnet wrote:
Nerf Veil of the Night & Worm Flasks.

I'll never understand why people love so much nerf in a game , we play game for having fun, isn't ?
Love the Delve love the post tyvm GGG keep up the good work ! Hope it makes it to standard !
" Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. "
make 6L easier!
Loving the sound of this.

What i'm also hoping to see is making the weapon/armor/loot chests a bit more significant. Because the type of reward they offer is generally much less appreciated than fossils for example. What they drop is usually completely hidden by your average loot filter.
zat0m wrote:
infinite fossil farm still possible?

is it still possible to run already lit ways back without sulphite and loot over and over again if you dont destroy the walls??

i have read somewhere that it is intended but if you think it simply can not be intended from the beginning. but it is so stupid because if you dont do that very boring grind which has nothing to do with anything this game offers (no need for builds, gameplay, items or whatever, just movespeed and phasing) you will not have enough currency to buy stuff from others because they have so much more currency and wont sell for a normal price
How about extending the league so people get normal 3 months of delving, not 1.5 like is left now.
Delve beta testing continues

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