Some More Delve Improvements


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nice! Love ggg! go on with that great work :D :D :exalt:

I would not like to criticize you, but increasing the fuel will not encourage the exploration of the mine, because 18k will gather 2h to 60 will gather 6-7h so it will be the same as it was so far and as it is known to collect such amount for players that have tier 5 maps 11 it's tormenting and unstable 75% of players belong to them;] so you do not have to intervene and correct them again;]
Elf_97 wrote:
ktmnet wrote:
Nerf Veil of the Night & Worm Flasks.

I'll never understand why people love so much nerf in a game, we play game for having fun, isn't?

Man, he was joking. Veil of the Night is the WORST unique there is, and Worm flask was nerfed so many times already.
Thanks GGG for continuing to work on making a good league great!
I'm just an average player, but I have had a lot of time to play this league. I feel like most of my time spent playing the game is basically like playing standard. I don't do shaped map strat or elder for that matter. I run whatever maps are needed to push elder around usually. Increasing sulphite gain in maps would be a far greater QOL than saving me 30 seconds from running back to the mine encampment to refill flares. I have seen 1 4 socketed resonator and 1 of the 4 bosses. I dont mind the RNG of how they spawn if I could spend more time actively searching for them versus farming gas for the cart. I appreciate the hard work that GGG has put into this league but I feel that as awesome as the mechanic is, it is super gated behind raw amount of time to be able to play.

Honestly, is it really endless if we run out of fuel.
p0t wrote:
I guess its something, but the league is over for a lot of people already and there is no hype left. Would have been nice if the league started this way or if you had left things alone. Any jump people had the mine was cemented in once you guys started changing stuff, making the competitive side dead very, very early.

Can relate. Farming 2 hours to Delve 10-20 minutes just feels like a total waste of time given I can only play 4-6 hours per day if lucky. Just want to enjoy new content, not grind old that makes it feel I'm playing standard.

It's nice that GGG did seem to listen and read, but honestly? The capacity problem is for those who went beyond 1-2k. For those of us down below, its the income to the hours we can sink into the game.

3rd change, not better to constantly Delve. Guess time to stop checking these forums in hopes of what will never be the same as when the league started.
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Just raise the amount of sulphite we get on maps..the way it is now, we'll map all day to get 60k and spend it in like 1 hour.
Bex_GGG wrote:
Aul, the Crystal King

He's pinnacle Delve content, but was probably too rare. We are increasing Aul's spawn rate by approximately 50%.

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