Some More Delve Improvements

Nice to hear you have not abandoned the league but:

* All 3 bosses are extremely rare, so all 3 should get increased chances and their respective biomes probably also should get a similar bump (if we believe chances on poe.db -> really 0.6% for their starting level and going to like 1.5-2% at their max...)

* For the love of god when changing walls do not only add more interesting options (i presume that means shaper/elder bases etc. not increased chances of the rare stuff) but also remove the trash tier (abandoned weapons/armor/jewelry) and replace those with their better varians (cards?, shaper, elder, incursion mods, beast mods), up the treasure boxes too -> really single chaos?

* Not sure when Niko replaces his inventory but i never saw anything besides the basic assortment of resonators, so might be worth checking if that wasnt tied to the bad seed issue that affected people before.

* Not sure how sulfite RNG is treating other people but my maps have in 85-95% occurence only single node of sulfite so might be a good place for atleast a small bump too.

Also make the fossils and chests sparkle a bit more, kinda hard sometimes to see in some biomes when hidden since lable dont show till pretty near (had some hidden beihnd small walls). Would possibly reduce eye strain for some of us
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And again only Numbers change.

Ok, listen GGG, i am not STUPID.

Most of us are not STUPID.

You change 18k to 60k but the Sulphgainrate still same, so NOTHING really changed!

Do you even read the Threads and Posts about how players hate the Sulphgainrate:delvingtime?

I bet you do, but you don't seem to give a damn about it, whats wrong with you guys?

Why can't you just do what the players want, you want us to support your game but you are not supporting our needs?

This world is not just gimmegimmegimmegimme, you also have to give something back!

I won't support anymore, the only moment i will support again will be, when you don't shit on the players anymore.

Thanks, quitted League after the 2nd Nerf Patch, was hoping to comeback and purchase some more points, but i guess you don't need my money, your stomach is full.
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I watch this post carefully and think about who is this league for the average player who plays a few hours a day or for people who sit in it for 10 hours + personally it is not possible to play in this league because I do not have so much time.
Depth 290. Level 95. Encountered 2 bosses.

Spamming T14-15 maps nets ~800-1,000 sulphite per sulphite spawn. That's a lot of damage.
Cant blow the walls when we cant find them...
0 x 0 = 0 !

What about Shaper's Stronghold. Im like 153 or something on Atlas, killed uber elder like 10-15 times and I haven't seen this shit called Shaper's Stronghold...

edit: im done with this game for now. Im fuckin bored and its fuckin enough for me of this shit. Everything that is fun is a way too rare. Fuckin suphite drop is too small and im doing only t15+ maps. To cap my 18k i need to do so many maps. Delve is same shit over and over again, cant find bosses. t16 maps sustain is impossible, the drop chance of maps is reduced alot due to Delve. But to find the rooms with maps in Delve ofc is so fuckin rare, so you end running t13,t14 maps because u cant sustain higher tier. Fuck this game, every time same shit. The fun stuff do not exist, i mean u find something good in Delve once in a week. fuck this shit.
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We can assemble essence or maps, why is not possible with resonator ?
Ten Thousand Ways To Die ...
Bubba477 wrote:
Cant blow the walls when we cant find them...

No issue with that. You'll find walls when you go into the darkness. They appear on the minimap when you're close to them. (you won't see them from the crawler path, you really need to leave the path)

And in order to find walls to get access to unlinked rooms on the mine map, read this:
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This is a step in the right direction.

Still some things bug me about Delve and i wonder what GGG's plans about that are:

- Unstable Wetas on-death effect and it's overall visibility

I can't understand why you somewhat recently made elemental bearers on-death effect a LOT more visible that it was, but then turn around and design a monster that is :
a. really small
b. has a shorter timed fuse bearerlike effect
c. a very stealthy particle effect that blends with the myriad of player and monster effects on screen.

For instance a character playing magma orb with the harbinger effect just can't see any of those effects most of the time. and a lot of skills make the screen visually busy (and blue) enough that you don't see it.

I think their fuse timer should be longer, ie: equal to bearers.
The monster should be made larger to indicate that it is unstable or redesigned to have specific and distinctive art and the visual effect should be made a great deal more obvious.

- The avoidance delve meta.

I might be incorrect but it seems to me that past a certain Delve depths, it doesn't really matter what about of effective health you have, you fall over in a fraction of a second if you get hit.

It seems to be encouraging only builds that:
1. can reach 100% all res
2. max block/spell block, or dodge/spell dodge respectively
3. deal upfront damage / are able to freeze and shatter anything and dodge much of what makes delve dangerous.

My point is there seems to be a very stark disconnect between the difficulty of a t16 and the equivalent depth in delve. (i'm evidently not comparing delve lvl. 1500 to t16 maps)

I don't think it's good design to have a whole slew of builds using layers of defenses that make you a god in t16 but terrify you as soon as there are a couple nasty mods in delve 200-250.

i think it encourages a weird gameplay loop where you only dare delving straight down upon leveling up and just delve in low lvl delves once your sulfite bar fills up.

Also, I would love for Delve to be its own game mode as well and have a separate structure; much like that of games like Dungeon Crawl Stone soup.

Ps: Flame dash is still really, really bad. That it is a often used skill does not make it good. Shield chargers, whirling bladers and warpers using it as a secondary movement option (ledge crossing and surge triggering) are the reason it is prevalent. Not it beeing intrinsically good. Just give it 6 or 7 charges or remove the cooldown but give it a less mod to casting speed.

Ps the second: make fossil and resonators stack. We all know you're going to sell a fossil/resonator tab, least you can do is make the things stack in the mean time. not stacks of 10 either. do it now :)
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I don’t get those complaining that sulphite acquisition is tedious and repetitive, and that they just want to delve. If anything, it’s the devles that are tedious and repetitive. Let’s follow a crawler down a winding tunnel, where everything to kill is always in front of you, to a room where you click an object to start an encounter, that for all intents and purposes is an Elreon encounter that you wish would end before it does, for a loot explosion that mostly drops nothing. Rinse, repeat, in the hope the random node, in the random direction you chose will reveal a node to an encounter that you want or need to travel to in order to complete a challenge.

Delve was fun in the beginning. Now, everything about it is repetitive, tedious, and boring. Takes too long to acquire sulphite. Then when you have it, you waste it running a bunch of mind numbing tunnels, to Elreon encounters, praying at some point RNG will reveal a node to an encounter you want to travel to and play.

This league I’m pretty much done. I’ll log in here and there and play, but zero effort will be put forth to completing more challenges. The RNG to find the fun content is ridiculous. It’s been this way for several leagues now. If this continues, my player retention is going to diminish. I like to get the 36+ challenges. For the most part, I always do. But Beastiary was a flop and I pretty much skipped the league. Incursion was nice, until I looked over the challenges and decided to much RNG and quit. Delve’s RNG is pretty much just as bad or worse than Incursion, but as I skipped the last two leagues, I kind of wanted some POE play time, which I got. But now I’m back to being put off by the RNG.

Again, if the ridiculous challenge RNG doesn’t change, blocking the fun, gating the new playable content, my hit it hard every new league for 4 to 5 weeks, complete the 36+ challenges, take a break until the next league, rinse, repeat… is going to turn into not coming back at all. I am not going to spend more than 4 to 5 weeks in a league doing the challenges. I need a break between leagues. And the fun for me is playing the new content and completing the challenges for the cosmetic rewards. If you are going to gate my fun with RNG and try to force me to play longer and/or more than I want to play, I’m just not going to play. Attempting to make me play more than I want, turns the game into a job. I don’t want to work. I want to have fun. It’s a game. Not a job.

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