Xbox One 3.4.3d Patch Status

Yesterday we released Patch 3.4.3d on PC. We were planning to release this patch on Xbox One just after the PC patch went live, but ran into an unexpected last minute problem. Due to this, the release of the patch on Xbox One has been delayed until early next week. We’re working hard to have minimal time between patch releases and will continue to bring them to Xbox One as quickly as possible. We apologise for the delay.

Thank you all for your continued feedback and bug reports.
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Grinding Gear Games
^Good job
My Xbox left me
3ejlen1y wrote:

Good job, this post was only up for 3+ hours before anyone cared enough to say anything. Good thing GGG is focusing on the things that matter - the Xbox - instead of, say, swallowing their pride and removing sulphite.
No fun allowed.™
Thanks! Great job!
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Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
I now comment in Forums with my Xbox account:
It's obvious there well be some major limiting factors with the Xbone as the game becomes more and more demanding. They should have used the playstation game streaming service to have hardware and bandwidth systems to use at their disposal. Considering how no one out side the US uses xbox, it's obvious their marketing team dropped the ball and wee biased towards the xbox, I cant see this going well.
Very nice.

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