Balance Changes in Path of Exile: Betrayal

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Thanks for the post!

Disappointed that self-casting isn't getting much love in this patch, but appreciate the insight.
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nice reading this now :D woot woot
So sticks are basically only for spellcasters now. Alright then.

Mainhand only skills are not a thing at all then? Because if youre dual wielding it cant be used if its offhand cant do it, and if your offhand can do it, it uses both weapons? Clarify both, is it alternating or both at the same time.
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Mostly looks good, but the whole Archetypes bit kind of goes against the whole philosophy of Path of Exile's game design, I feel. Adding skill-specific modifiers, especially to Ascendancies, feels much more limiting than it does expanding with new options. I want to make a spellzerker. I want to go chaos, poison DoT inquisitor, and make it work. That does not seem like the road being gone down any more.
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No 2h buffs, stat stick nerfs = RIP every single melee build
i like what i saw.

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