Balance Changes in Path of Exile: Betrayal

Alright, seems interesting.
Got back to PoE after about a year of not playing. Tried Heist for a few days... meh.
rahven32 wrote:
I_NO wrote:
You're inexperienced.

Another insightful comment from you. Instead of piling on shaper stats you now have to actually craft a weapon that is balanced. So what's the problem. You can still craft a 500+ pdps foil. I never said it wasn't a nerf though. It will be a lot harder to get mirror tier weapons.

Anyone who thought carrying around a couple aura's in your off hand wasn't going to be nerfed was delusional.

I have played this game for about a year now and the highest pDps foil I have personally been able to craft hit 409 pDps.

When you say things like, "You can still craft a 500+ pDps foil," casually as a reply to people complaining about this, you are really not in touch with crafting in this game and how difficult it truly is to make something like that.

Also, the real problem is that you will need to make TWO 500 pDps foils and you'll still be doing about 60% of the DPS you were doing before stat sticks were bricked for melee.

Just so you understand what you are saying, in Standard league, if you search for one handed swords with at least 500 pDps, the first two foils (because let's be serious no one is going to use a Corsair sword over a foil) are listed at 140ex and 195ex.

So yeah, melee is fine, just spend 300+ ex on two items on your DW melee character, that's not a completely ridiculous expectation at all.
xXx_1 wrote:
JOHN_RA wrote:
Songweaver wrote:

You no longer get +1 to maximum number of totems summoned. Instead, you place 2 totems per cast, instead of placing 1.

And this is a nerf.

And GGG introduced it as a boof at first time
With the new supported skill gems

I gey ya .G

That gems adds totems with halved dmg. Even more nerf.
Thats kind of Soul's Wick "improvement" to be straight.
Those well be sooooo popular. Like this jewel..
Similar kind of watering out.
nice material, ggg please change font and colors in patch notes it is hurting my eyes by long reading :P
I'm also very sure that GGG actually does not have legit / smart play testers and just rely on some random ass feedback that they don't analyze themselves because they don't know any better. When I look all the balance changes and manifestos, it reads out like it was written by some some ultra casual Reddit poster who picks up Armourer Scraps 2 months into league.

Seriously, think, they were "analyzing" for what? 6 months? on how to change stat sticks and THIS was what they came up with? L O L.

All of the changes( aside from CoC) that have been shown so far are something that almost everyone who ACTUALLY PLAY THIS GAME would not want or don't care about at all.

Ask if anyone of their staff played 500+ hours in the last league to have that insight.
Simply, they don't.
Aynix wrote:
LordVilango wrote:
Rest in RIP almost every melee build

In loving memory of:

Blade Flurry
Tectonic Slam
Double Strike
Ice Crash
Ground Slam
Consecrated Path

And always remember, It's NERF or nothing.

I played both Ice Crash and Consecrated Path with 2H Staff and I had over 2M Shaper DPS. Just because you suck at the game and cant do anything w/o abusing statsticks doesnt mean melee is dead.

The problem with 2H builds was NEVER damage. It is how poor it feels to play a 2H build and clear maps with a 2H build. It is SLOW compared to literally any other build archetype in the game.

I tried to make a 2H Vaal EQ JUGG using a Brain Rattler and even with over 6.5k life it felt squishy and not mobile enough to escape damage when I needed to, which was pretty often given it is always in danger of being hit with something (the benefits of being melee, yey). I didn't feel confident in T11 Shaped UGS on this build, and it is wearing this:

Just to give you an idea of the level of investment. Even with a near mirror tier 7L hat, EQ just felt bad, slow, and squishy (on a JUGG mind you).

The problem with 2H isn't damage, it never was, it is how the build FEELS to play and how quickly it clears compared to literally every other build archetype in the game (ranged, traps, totems, trigger skills, self-cast, etc).
Arizel wrote:
Shit change for totems as you HAVE to summon 2 at the same time if you want the 50% placement speed which suck as you can't scatter them anymore

Yet another issue. Who want's to drop two totems in the exact same location, especially in situations where the totems are being killed off.

When I play totems, I typically always strategically spread the totems out.
Freeloaderz wrote:
GGG did you know that most of the complaints about stat sticks where about the OP shaper mods and not the actual mechanic? There was nothing wrong with uniques like Prismatic Eclipse or Princess Sabre enabling this interesting mechanic.

Should have just nerfed the Shaper values to fix this.

Also the most OP melee skill was Molten Strike which didnt even use stat sticks and will now be even more powerful compared to all the melee skills you just thrashed.

this x 1000
garamaganda wrote:

[Removed by Support]

There is literally no skill involved in getting any level in poe, neither is in getting challenges. Sincerely your dude with 6 100's.
The only fun thing about this game is finding new ways to blow up screens full of monsters. Preventing that by binding skills to classes is questionable at best. Also stat sticks were the only reason melee was remotely playable in the first place
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Yet another issue. Who want's to drop two totems in the exact same location, especially in situations where the totems are being killed off.

When I play totems, I typically always strategically spread the totems out.


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