Balance Changes in Path of Exile: Betrayal

cksmonster wrote:
The new way how stat sticks are going to work is dump and now that most melee build's is going to suffer at the end game bosses this change is silly i would've just lower the percentage off all the stat sticks just my personnel opinion.

true !
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How to kill melee builds 101.
I trust that they know what they are doing.

If you're not capable of critical thinking and questioning what they are doing, your comment here is irrelevant, as your business world experience.

For the rest of your reply, it's all manager clichés.
That's not the way to nerf stat sticks, now I have to look for two rare foils.
Got a BF marauder and an arc totem guy. Looks like i'm pretty fucked. I`ll wait for the patch notes tomorrow but i'm starting to look at alternatives in case both my builds are done. (again they appear to be patching for the top 0.1% instead of the 99... fml)
Betrayal is a good name not only for the league, looking on what they did with stat sticks, making game more and more average, like other hack & slashers.
Question, does this mean that I can't be using Prismatic Eclipse as a offhand weapon for sunder?
Eventho sunder only uses mainhand for attacks?
This feels like a really bad way to implement nerfing stat-sticks. I'm sure you've considered these things and random forum post #123456789 isn't likely to change anyone's minds but these are my thoughts anyway:

It only effects melee, not spells so the change doesn't even effect some of the most blatantly powerful stat-stick uses.

It severely damages the ability to play melee dual-wield on a budget because now you need to spend exactly twice as much. I basically don't see myself ever taking duel-wield nodes again on any build that isn't using (relatively affordable named unique)x2. I might be able to acquire one really nice mainhand weapon and then offhand it with a budget stat stick but two? not a chance. Rip affordable dual-wielding.

Prismatic Eclipse, Relentless Fury, and Death's Hand were all just murdered in their sleep. FFFFF Remember that point about playing on a budget? I've never owned a shaper stat stick, Death's Hand and Prismatic Eclipse have always been my solid offhand buddies, now they're dead. This makes me really sad.

I mentioned that this doesn't even hit stat sticks for spells, right?
Seriously, you gotta change this plan in regard of screwing stat sticks for dual wield!

You can't kill melee in a game where casters and rangers already are insanely overpowered in comparison, then destroy all kind of aoe skills (the worst change in game history) which hurt mainly the melee classes, nerf them to the ground and then destroy their only Chance to just deal a bit of damage, compared to casters ?!
What is the plan of this change? Want this game to be ranged only?
Dear 1.000 hours Balance Team.... why do you hate melee so much???

First terrible changes to Atlas tier 14-15 and now this nonsens to melee stat stics...
and killing movement melee skills by the way?

I dont ask "why", it is too obvious. History repeats each new league patch notes, 1.000h balance team completly out of touch with the game.

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