We're happy to announce that Path of Exile: Betrayal is going live soon on Xbox One!

The realm goes down and patching begins at Dec 10, 2018 4:00 PM (EST) (this time is displayed in your local timezone) or at 1pm December 10th (PST).

The expected downtime is roughly one hour. The Delve League will also end at this time.

The Betrayal Supporter Packs are already available on Xbox One! There are two sets of Supporter Packs - the Undertaker and Soulstealer Supporter Packs. There are two price points available for each and they feature exclusive Armour Sets as well as Back Attachment, Portal, Weapon Effects and more!

The Fairgraves Mystery Box will be available shortly after the Betrayal release.

You can check out the Betrayal Patch Notes here! Alongside the 3.5.0 expansion itself, this update includes the 3.5.0b patch with several bugfixes.
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Grinding Gear Games
Nivalan wrote:
Why are there some of us not even offered the update? I'd actually like to play the league start lmfao

Power cycle your console if the update hasn't shown up for you under the "My Games & Apps" section.
wkidwell wrote:
My game will not update. I reinstalled and it still will not update. It looks like my Delve character successfully migrated to Standard however. It's an hour and 20 mins past the announced time this patch would be available, not sure wtf is going on. Is anyone on staff to even respond to this fire?

What version number is displayed on the login screen for you? If you haven't had the update show up you'll need to power cycle your console as the update is through Xbox live.
PitBullDogs wrote:
You would think there would be after launching a huge update? Can anyone answer my question? Is the update 14g's?

14GB is about the size of the full game client. Depending on the state of your client (when you last updated) could have required you to have a full re-download due to issues on Microsoft's side a few weeks back.
PitBullDogs wrote:
Everything updated but now i cant input a character name without the Box closing in 2 seconds.

This is timing out the Xbox Keyboard after a set amount of time after it's started loading. I'm trying to get this fixed as soon as possible.
wkidwell wrote:
I power cycled twice with the same result.
The game is still showing the "We are depolying 3.5b now.." info prompt. In the lower right hand corner, the build tag says "xbox_production tags/3.5.0b.

xbox_production tags/3.5.0b is the correct version. What is the issue you're experiencing?

chikinki wrote:
Any chance of fixing lab trial leavers soon? Lvl 50+ content without lab is... @Jeff_GGG.


Yes, we have a patch that will be releasing very soon which resolves the lever issue, very sorry about this.
Mauvais001 wrote:
Hi I patched poe and when I try to log in I get a message box that says the servers are down and that you are currently deploying 3.5.0b. I have tried restarting my xbox and I do not have another patch to download. I tried just making a character but when I try to enter a name in the name box it kicks me out. Please help!

Hi Mauvais,

The Xbox Keyboard is disappearing after a few seconds of it being shown, but we have a fix included in a patch which is set to go live by days end.
We're releasing a hotfix patch at 9:00pm PST which addresses the lever and switch issue, as well as the keyboard closing after a short period of time.

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