Armageddon Brand

storm brand better in all aspect... rly sad

maybe buff Armageddon Brand so it can be on pair with storm?
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Hello there,

First thing I want to say, this skill is good, but I would like it even more if we can get it at Level 12.

I have also an Idea to make it more clearspeedy without raising the Damage.

Idea= All the same (with the big Meteor for big ignites)except that where the mark of the armageddon brand is there is also a firestorm.

(ramoving firestorm/ or changing it.)

I think this would suit the gem.

kind regards
Is it possible to offer all brand skills to Shadow to buy through vendors? No logic Shadow can't buy brand skills, only with Sciosa, with nodes on Shadow's side. Playing SSF buying only in Sciosa wastes a lot of time leveling with other skills.
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Currently Playing a 93 Chieftain on Armageddon Brand with some more investment in it and can run pretty much all content, damage on AW-8 Sirus was pretty okay, I cannot complain.

So far I'm happy with the Brand, I was scared the nerf to it's "jumping around" potential but it's good that Brands return to where they have been created, if it was still like before it would be a little stron I think

The Damage seems super fine at least on the Setup I'm playing, I can't complain at all, Mapping, delving, Bossing especially, everything works very very smoothly and feels fun.

My only complain is that it's missing faster Enemies, even tho I already use Skitterbots to Chill them, which is very frustrating so say the least.

Maybe let it have a Minihit which does damage instantly for 25% of it's damage before the Meteors fall down?

All in all I like the new Armageddon Brand especially since the Moment I got my Explody chest this made mapping absolutely delightful.

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